Mid-South Wrestling – May 26th, 1983

May 26, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week we have Junkyard Dog & Dick Murdoch vs. Kendo Nagasaki & Yoshi Yatsu. Also in action are Tito Santana, Johnny .


We are shown clips of middle school kids being asked what they like about Mid-South Wrestling.


Watts lets us know that Ted DiBiase is claiming he broke his hand but there is speculation that its a bogus claim. We then see a press conference that took place prior to the show as requested by Skandor Akbar, who is with DiBiase, Mr. Olympia, and the debuting Boris Zurhkov (Yes, its spelled and pronounced this way here instead of “Zhukov”). Akbar calls Duggan a menace to society as DiBiase shows off a cast on his hand and said it was due to Duggan attacking him with a tire iron in the parking lot. DiBiase said he can not wrestle but will not have to forfeit the titles because he has given Zhukov power of attorney to take his place in title matches with the next defense in two weeks against JYD & Murdoch. The news here is Zurhkov making his debut and taking DiBiase’s place while the latter claims to be out with an injury.


Mr. Olympia & Boris Zurhkov vs. Johnny Rich & Tim Horner

Zurhkov and Rich start off. Olympia tags in and ends up in a stalemate before tagging back out. Zurkhov beats on Rich after huddling with Akbar. Horner tags in and briefly runs wild before he gets kicked in the face. Zurhkov is in and beats on Rich as the champs cut off the ring. They use quick tags to neutralize Rich but Rich rolls away from an elbow drop and tags out. Horner runs wild then the match breaks down. Rich gets knocked outside then Horner hits Olympia with a Thesz Press but Zurhkov broke that up and hit a reverse neckbreaker. Zurkhov then heads to the middle rope for a knee drop and the win (4:22).

Thoughts: An unimpressive debut by Zurhkov but he was never that good to begin with anyway. A week after a surprise win we see Horner job


Tony Zane vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Zane jumps Duggan as he entered the ring. Duggan fights back and beats the crap out of Zane. Watts talks about Duggan not liking Akbar’s relationship with Iron Sheik or with DiBiase then he hits the spear for the win (1:31).

Thoughts: This crowd loves Duggan to the point his reactions are eclipsing JYD’s. He’s red hot as a babyface act.


The Junkyard Dog is in the ring. Reesor Bowden informs us that Dick Murdoch has not shown up tonight so they are going to let the fans choose JYD’s partner not only for tonight but also for the title shot in two weeks. We get the choices as Johnny Rich, Tom Jones, Tito Santana, Butch Reed, and Jim Duggan. The fans go crazy for Duggan and he wins the vote. JYD and Duggan then slap hands.


Junkyard Dog & Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Kendo Nagasaki & Yoshi Yatsu

We get a brawl to start the match. Duggan tosses Nagasaki outside then Duggan & JYD pump up the crowd before they beat on Nagasaki. Yatsu tags and hits Duggan with a few chops but it has little effect. The crowd is going crazy for Duggan, even more than JYD, as he hits Yatsu with a spear for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: This segment really established that JYD and Duggan are the two top babyface acts in the company. And here, Duggan got more cheers than JYD. That is no small feat.


Rip Rogers vs. Tito Santana

Watts mentions that Tito played football at West Texas State University. Tito works a side headlock for a bit as Rogers keeps trying to escape. Rogers headbutts Tito against the ropes but Tito fights back. Tito hits a pair of dropkicks and follows with the flying forearm before using a bridging death lock for the win (2:49).

Thoughts: The action was fine as Tito is being built up a bit for his run.


King Kong Bundy vs. Tom Jones

Bundy immediately attacks Jones as Watts refers to Jones as a main eventer. Bundy destroys Jones and even uses a running bulldog before finally getting the win with the Atlantic City Avalanche (1:39).

Thoughts: Bundy completed dominated Jones. Its clear he is getting built up for better things.


Jones is getting helped outside then Butch Reed runs out and said he did not come to Mid-South to play second fiddle so he needs to face competition and calls Bundy back out. Bundy does in fact come out and we have an impromptu match.


Butch Reed vs. King Kong Bundy

Reed hammers away but gets caught in a bearhug. Bundy beats down Reed in the corner as Watts tells us this is not a scheduled match and neither guy will be paid. Reed floats over on a slam and comes back with a running forearm smash. Reed staggers Bundy with a pair of dropicks then takes him out with a flying shoulder tackle. Bundy brings a chair inside but Reed takes it away and in the process knocks down the ref. Reed hits Bundy a few times but cannot put him away so he goes up top with a flying shoulder tackle and in the process knocks himself outside. Reed then heads back in but Bundy knocks him down and hits a splash for the win after a five count (3:05) **.

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted. The finish was meant to protect Reed in defeat even if it was a bit contrived.


Super Destroyer vs. Terry Allen

This is Allen’s Mid-South debut. He would later go on to fame as Magnum TA. Destroyer grounds Allen to start but Allen fights back. Allen hits a pair of dropkicks then a few arm drags as Destroyer rolls out for a breather. Destroyer comes back in and hits an enziguiri as Watts tells us Allen was recommended by Dusty Rhodes and said Allen is known as “Magnum TA” in Florida. Destroyer sets up for a superplex but Allen fights him off. Allen fires away then hits an atomic drop for the win (3:04) **. Watts hails this as an upset.

Thoughts: Before the bell rang you could see that Allen had a star look. Despite the fact they were portraying this as an upset it was easy to see they had plans for the guy as Watts talked about Dusty’s endorsement of him.


Gran Markus vs. Art Crews

We start off on the mat then it turns into a slugfest as Watts says Markus is here for Tito Santana and Chavo Guerrero because they are traitors to Mexico. Crews refuses to back down and lays in some chops as Watts talks about what we saw today on the show. Also, next week we’ll see Mr. Olympia vs. Mr. Wrestling and Jim Duggan vs. Super Destroyer as Markus hits a fireman’s carry slam and follows with a pair of elbow drops for the win (3:39).

Thoughts: Markus looked awful here. Crews tried to make this okay but Markus was far too slow and out of shape.


Final Thoughts: A show with a lot going on this week. We saw the Reed/Duggan alliance, debut of Allen, and saw that Zurhkov was brought in by Akbar as DiBiase’s replacement. They set up the next few weeks with all sorts of storylines.