Presenting Like a Sport

Scott, WWE already uses sports terms (draft, free agent, iron clad contract etc..) why not take advantage of that for story telling? John Cena is currently a free agent. I don't think that term means what they think it means. In reality, he's not getting paid.
Why not play with the Idea that contracts are coming up and they might jump? Let's say Seth Rollins has a contract from raw due up in a few months and wants a title shot or he'll start negotiating with smackdown? Or if rusev doesn't start winning he won't
be extended an offer? That could also give talent the time to take some time off, get healthy and produce speculation. How about an actual draft? Ten people or something every year, 5 to each brand from NXT prospects? Make it a one time a year thing and do
a draft special on the network. Hell make the survivor series an actual all star game where fans legit get to vote. Winning brand gets first pick in the draft. Do a sports center type show where they talk about rumors of free agency and who's not currently
happy and may jump. Create their own controllable rumors. How much could they play off of this and create easy content and also create a new interest in someone jumping like a lower scale Monday night war scenerio. Just a dumb thought

​The problem is that portraying guys as having agency over their own careers and not needing the McMahons to survive and feed their starving children would potentially make them bigger stars.  And that's not the goal, the goal is to have people who are fun to watch and put smiles on faces while striving for championship opportunities on the grandest stage of them all so they can be a Hall of Famer.  
But yeah, I like the controllable rumor idea.  They should do a show after Smackdown where they can come up with stuff like that and build their own buzz.  Oh wait, they did have that, and then they canceled it, never mind.​