Macho Man / Survivor Series 91 and 93 Questions

Quick question regarding Macho Man Randy Savage and Survivor Series 91 and 93.  

Watching back at the buildups for these shows on the Network and it seems like a no-brainer given his rivalry with Jake in '91 and Crush in '93 that he would've ended up in the main event tag matches thus making them that much hotter… (91 with LOD and Bossman vs. Jake, Natural Disasters and IRS) and (93 with Luger and Steiners vs. Yoko, Crush and Borga and Quebecor) but in both cases it didn't happen.  

Do you know if it was ever in the plans for either show for that to happen and got changed or was the plan all along was not to have him involved? 


That was the plan all along.  Vince just didn't have faith in Savage as a main event guy in 93, that's part of the reason why he left.  91 was a storyline choice.