WWF Wrestling Challenge – January 13th, 1991

January 13, 1991

From the West Palm Beach Auditorium in West Palm Beach, FL

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

In action this week are Jim Duggan, Big Bossman, Earthquake, and Tugboat. Plus, an interview with Sgt. Slaughter and more!


Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Tom Stone

Duggan starts up a “USA” chant then beats on Stone. We hear from him in an insert promo talking about knocking people out at the Royal Rumble then he gets the win with a Three Point Stance (1:57).

Thoughts: No mention of Duggan’s feud with Slaughter as he only hyped up his appearance in the Rumble match.


WWF Special Report with Lord Alfred Hayes. We hear from the Ultimate Warrior as he tells about never walking into a battleground unprepared and that Sgt. Slaughter will smell defeat.


Terry Davis vs. The Warlord w/ Slick

We see Warlord & Slick as they issue a warning to Davey Boy Smith at the Royal Rumble. Warlord overpowers Davis as the announcers talk about the Warlord/Davey feud. He then picks up Davis and submits him with the full nelson (2:02).

Thoughts: They continue to build up for an eventual confrontation between Warlord and Davey.


Shane Douglas vs. Black Bart

Douglas takes Bart over with a hip toss then connects with a dropkick. Bart yells at the fans then hammers away in the corner. Douglas fights back then uses a pair of flying headscissors as we hear him in an insert promo calling himself an “underdog” primed to win the Royal Rumble. Heenan makes fun of Douglas by calling him “Dobie Gillis” as Bart hits a backbreaker. Bart is in control but Douglas fights back and puts him away with a flying body press (3:02).

Thoughts: Douglas is being built up as an underdog in the Rumble match. Its clear on commentary that they had some sort of plans for the guy as a babyface.


Big Bossman vs. Bob Bradley

Bossman backs Bradley against the ropes and hammers away. He connects with a big boot then calls out Heenan, who had left the booth for this match. We hear from The Barbarian & Heenan in an insert promo now as Barbarian promises that Heenan will be protected then Bossman hits a sidewalk slam for the win (1:45).

Thoughts: Its been five months of this Heenan/Bossman stuff. Really, it needs to end as there is nothing else to do with this story.


Gene Okerlund welcomes Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan to the interview platform. Slaughter is holding a boot given to him by Sadaam Hussein then tells us “maggots” to listen up because he is going to become the World Heavyweight Champion. He also called the Ultimate Warrior a variation of the word “puke” several times. A long-winded promo trying too hard to get heat by namedropping Hussein.


Tugboat vs. Spike Jones

Heenan is back on commentary now. Jones attacks from behind but it does not phase Tugboat, who runs him over with a clothesline. The announcers talk about the Rumble being every man for himself and how that will effect Hogan and Tugboat’s friendship. Tugboat is then shown in an insert promo telling us he’s coming to the ring with “29 life preservers” at the Rumble just before he puts Jones away with a splash (1:40).

Thoughts: It certainly seems that they are building up to something between Tugboat and Hogan at the Rumble.


Don Steel vs. Earthquake w/ Jimmy Hart & Dino Bravo

Earthquake beats on Steel as we hear Bravo in an insert promo telling us he does not care who gets in his way, including Earthquake, at the Rumble then beats his chest after claiming he’ll toss everyone out. Thank Christ that did not happen. Earthquake hits a dropkick and a slam then uses the sit-down splash for the win (1:35).

Thoughts: More “every man for himself” Rumble match hype.


In action next week are Jimmy Snuka, Rick Martel, Davey Boy Smith, The Undertaker, and Texas Tornado. Plus, an interview with Ted DiBiase and more!


Final Thoughts: Nothing but Rumble hype on this show. It does get repetitive this close to a PPV and Challenge as the “B” show is skippable when there is not a featured match.


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