British Bulldog

Hey Scott,

Forgot to include this topic on my earlier e-mail, but was there any reason why the Bulldog never got a run with the heavyweight title, even as a transitional champion? He main-evented multiple pay-per-view's in both WWF & WCW as both face & heel, but he never sniffed anything above a secondary title (though I'm sure he sniffed a lot of other things if you catch my drift). Was it due to drugs? Being too british and/or too bizarre?  Lack of promo skills? I'm sure he could've had a short reign during his feuds with Bret/HBK or even Diesel without totally sinking the company.

Let me know what you think, thanks!

​I think Vince just didn't see him as a top, top guy, and Bulldog happened to be hitting the prime of his singles career at a time when guys who Vince liked a lot more were champion.  WCW, however, pretty clearly wanted to make Bulldog into one of their champions, but the relationship fell apart and he never got there.  So really, just a lot of bad timing.  ​