205 Live

So Triple H is now in charge of 205 Live and now planning on reverting back to his original vision for the brand (Cruiserweight Classic).  Do you think there's ANY chance he moves it to Full Sail?? Yeah, sure the name would make no sense but it sounds cool and rhymes so who gives a shit?

The guys would look like mega stars there. They could have network specials at Full Sail and then maybe even build it up to do bigger arenas like NXT.

​Maybe, I guess.  If he wants to take it back to the format of the CWC, then that would make the most sense, but then you're running separate tapings for the shows.  Plus I'm increasingly wondering what the actual point of the show even is when guys like Seth Rollins and Finn Balor are in the same weight range and doing the same type of matches on TV every week.  I still think they should just kill the concept off and do something else if they MUST have another hour of content.  Like the UK show was an interesting idea before Vince immediately lost interest, for example.​