WWF Superstars of Wrestling – January 12th, 1991

January 12th, 1991

From the SunDome in Tampa, FL

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and the Honky Tonk Man

In action this week are Big Bossman, Ted DiBiase, The Undertaker, Davey Boy Smith, and Rick Martel


Big Bossman vs. Kent Carlson

Bossman chops Carlson against the ropes before taking him down with a big boot. The announcers talk about the Bossman/Heenan feud as Bossman puts Carlson away with a spinebuster (1:35). After the match, Bossman drops the ball and chain on Carlson’s stomach.

Thoughts: More hype for the never ending Heenan/Bossman feud.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. First, we hear from Sgt. Slaughter and Gen. Adnan as Slaughter talks about the deadline for Hussein to leave Kuwait is this Tuesday as Slaughter tells us he will never leave. Slaughter then tells Warrior is deadline will also be up at the Royal Rumble while holding up Hussein’s boot and will take what he wants just like Hussein. Slaughter promises to take the belt back to Baghdad and stand with Hussein. The company, desperate for a heel, is really pushing Slaughter’s gimmick as hard as humanly possible.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jim Evans

Martel works over Evans then taunts the crowd. We hear from Martel in an insert promo as he says Jake Roberts will need help picking a number at the Royal Rumble. Martel then speaks in the camera and points at his opponent for Jake to see before putting Evans away with a Boston Crab (2:12).

Thoughts: More hype for the Jake/Martel feud as they tease that the two could meet in the Rumble match.


“British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith vs. Tom Bennett

The announcers put over Davey’s strength and how it compares to The Warlord. Davey hits a back drop and follows with a delayed vertical suplex. We hear from Davey in an insert promo saying The Warlord will not prevent him from winning the Royal Rumble before he puts Bennett away with a running powerslam (1:37).

Thoughts: They continue to build up Davey since his return as his war of words with Warlord continues.


The Undertaker w/ Brother Love vs. Ray Hammer

Undertaker starts destroying Hammer as we hear from him in an insert promo with Brother Love talking about how they will bury all 29 other participants in the Royal Rumble match. Undertaker stays in control then puts Hammer away with the tombstone (2:14).

Thoughts: The company really is making it a point to show fan reactions to the Undertaker’s appearance to put over the mystique of the character.


Replay of Warrior interview from last week’s “Wrestling Challenge.”


“Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil vs. Danny Brazil

Piper talks about Virgil not being a slave to DiBiase while Honky says he is a paid employee. DiBiase beats on Brazil as the announcers hype up his match at the Royal Rumble then he puts on the Million Dollar Dream for the win (1:18). After the match, DiBiase tells the Rhodes family that blood may be thicker than water but he is here to say that cold, hard cash is even thicker. DiBiase fans out his money and says with his money he can do anything. DiBiase then proves he can do anything with Virgil as he tosses the money down then slaps Virgil across the face. Piper & Vince want Virgil to stick up for himself as DiBiase demands he pick up the money. Virgil shakes his head no so DiBiase reminds him of his family then whispers something in his air as Virgil becomes devastating then picks up the money as DiBiase laughs and tells us that everyone has a price.

Thoughts: DiBiase berates Virgil even more than usual here as they tease Virgil turning on his boss. I did like how they set up a little back story as to why Virgil puts up with this abuse and its because he needs to provide for his family.


Sonny Blaze & Scotty Williams Power & Glory w/ Slick

Power & Glory are shown individually in insert promos putting themselves over as they beat on Williams. Vince asks Honky about Greg Valentine turning on him as Honky says he better think twice. Power & Glory stay in control until they put Blaze away with the Power Plex (2:13).

Thoughts: They actually brought up Valentine’s name, who has not been mentioned for a while. Oddly enough, Valentine was supposed to feud with Honky but Honky quit. These tapings took place a few weeks before Honky did quit but since he was on commentary they could edit him out and they had all this teasing from Piper about him doing bad at the Rumble and we never got a pay off.


In action next week are Earthquake, Mr. Perfect, Hart Foundation, and Jake Roberts. Plus, Sgt. Slaughter as guest of the “Brother Love Show” and more.


Final Thoughts: They are going into overdrive with Slaughter’s character to hype up his title match at the Rumble. We also saw advancement in the DiBiase/Virgil storyline too. Besides that this was mostly generic hype for the Rumble match.


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