How did WWF not die in 97?

Yes, you're getting another Survivor Series question, but this is gonna be good. BEAR WITH ME

So we know how the WWF survived Survivor Series 97, McMahon became biggest heel ever and Austin rose right at that time, but how did it survive from a locker room perspective? I know it's a job they still have to do, but it would be very easy for a locker room mutiny to break out when something like that comes up. 

a)  Ultimately all the tough-talking badasses backed down from Vince when put in a situation where they'd have to back up their stance, with the exception of Rick Rude.
b)  Vince had everyone in a very bad legal situation and they all knew it. British Bulldog had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get out of his contract, and even then it was because Vince basically didn't want him any longer.  If Owen had left, Vince would have sued for breach of contract and probably filed assault charges against Bret as well.  
So yeah, a mutiny was a very unlikely occurrence.  ​