wXw Shotgun #336-340

Shotgun is the weekly show on wXw Now, featuring an hour of the best matches from their never-ending tours of Germany with promos and skits to advance the plots and feuds. It’s comparable to ECW’s Hardcore TV because even the un-important matches are high-level indie quality.

I’ve missed all of them this year so figured I’d type up as I catch up as wXw can be rewarding if you’re paying attention. This is pretty abridged but I’ll go back to normal David Hume-levels of word count when I’m watching one show a week like a normal person.

wXw Shotgun 336 01/03/18

Jurn Simmons vs. Michael Dante

Ever since Tommy End left Dante has settled into the Mark Henry role of The Big Guy People Beat To Look Good on Shotgun. He does it well, losing to a big-arse piledriver after a short slugfest. (edit: these were typed up over a few days, didn’t realise I was THAT abridged)

Dragan accidentally interrupts Jurn’s backstage promo and Simmons comes to blows over the small mistake as he’s a wee bit on edge.

Dirty Dragan challenges Timothy Thatcher as he claims to know a counter to all of Ringkampf’s offence. Dragan is put away after a few butterfly suplexes. Dragan isn’t happy and demands a submission match from Thatcher instead. Thatcher accepts and Dragan gets a quick eye-rake to his glee. Thatcher recovers from the Jeff Jarrett sleeper hold to stretch Dragan for the tap-out. Dragan is furious and demands his style of match, the Bosnian Street Fight KO Only finish. Dragan flies off the top, Thatcher side-steps and Dragan knocks himself out. Daft comedy that helped both characters.

Toni Storm calls Kelly’s Title and Tournament win a fluke as she wasn’t even supposed to be there that day. She also says this job would be great if it wasn’t for the customers.

Jay FK (Jay Skillet & Francis Kaspin) vs. RISE (Da Mack & Ivan Kiev)

Mack & Kiev are the more oiled of the machines and keep nice guy Kaspin isolated for most of the match. Skillet tags in and they do the same to him. Mack plants a big ol’ kick to Skillet’s head but some mis-communication allows JAY FK to hit their double-team Michinoku Driver for the surprise win. Jay FK are presented as rookies but if they remove some slight bits of roughness they’re on the same level as every other team in the company.

wXw Shotgun 337 01/10/18

Academy graduate Julian Pace says a few words and is quite honest about being low-level pay due to his low position in wXw so he has another job, motivating him to work harder to succeed in the ring. He has a racing car gimmick so crowd sometimes cheer him on with VROOOM VROOOM noises. He wrestles martial-arts dude Kim Ray who kicks the God out of him but Pace gets a shock win after a small package. I mean, it would have been more shocking if he hadn’t had that pre-match promo but still.

Bobby Gunns reminisces about freeing the Shotgun title from Kiev, Brokeback Mountain, fake indies and PWG.

Da Mack vs. Bobby Gunns vs. Jurn Simmons

This is a match that isn’t focused on being part of storylines but it’s a grand match that showcases everyone’s strengths. Mack is able to get offence on Jurn while using his quickness, Jurn is massive and Gunns only gets involved when necessary because he’s a bit of a dick. He also spams the guillotine submission to wear down Jurn who exits the ring for a breather so Mack comes in to chop the pieces of Gunns that still float. Nifty double-teams kick in between unwilling partners until Jurn destroys Mack with a piledriver and Gunns steals the pin. I’m a fan of matches that get over the personalities of the wrestlers as much as the moves.

wXw Shotgun 338 01/17/18

JAY FK vs. Cash Crash and Oliver Carter

Carter gets a few nice moves like a springboard moonsault and a leg-hook exploder but Jay makes the hot tag and seems to win with the double-stomp neckbreaker. However, Carter really wants the win so they nail their Fameasser/Flatliner combo on Jay for another close call. Finally the springboard Tombstone ends it (I’m unfamiliar with German wrestling writers so I’ll call it the Arnold Furious Driver). Much more action-packed and close than I thought it would be considering Jay FK don’t make the big shows often enough. Cash was good but Carter was wrestling with something to prove.

Jay FK discuss building momentum after Jay’s arm injury. FK is more focused on looking cool and social media so he’ll go far.

David Starr is pissed about the beating Jurn gave him at 17th Anniversary so he demands a No Count Out No Pin Fall No DQ Knock Out Only match at 16 Carat. Oooooo.

Chris Colen vs. Kim Ray

The crowd loves shouting shit at Ray so much you can only slightly hear the band playing next door. Ray dominates with his kick-based offence. Credit to Jeremy Graves for getting the beautifully British expression ”Colen will MULLER you” out there. Colen makes a comeback but Ray throws more kicks than Eric Bischoff in WCW/nWo Revenge and it’s just as well after some moments of awkwardness that don’t involve kicks. Ray kicks out of a top-rope elbow and knees Colen in the jaw (shoulder) but Colen ends it with the Angels Wings. This was OK for a few minutes but it went on too long and there was some obvious miscommunication near the end.

WALTER and Jakobi (whose odd couple team were a Shotgun highlight last year) recap the women’s division and the weirdness of the six-month rookie becoming the first wXw Women’s Champion. Nice way to get exposition out the way while having serious WALTER interact with slightly-mad Jakobi. Oh and we get this relatable GIF.

Absolute Andy vs. Juvenile X

Andy’s first match back since the turn at World Tag Team League but despite the Brutus-level of betrayal, he still has a substantial cheering section here. Hey cheer Andy all you like, just don’t complain when the company books Spirit Squad so they get a team that’s guaranteed to generate boos. Ya bastards. No idea who Juvi is and we don’t get much from commentary so I don’t get attached. Andy heels it up, holding on the ropes for so long the ref is forced to yank him off (not like that). Crowd demands a SSP from Andy so he tries to go for it repeatedly rather than take X seriously. X fluffs a tornado DDT so Andy gives him a F5 and sits then grinning because he knows he’s better. After taking his time with the young un, Marius Al-Ani shows up to distract Andy causing X to get a roll-up pin! Andy is pissed but fuck him, he deserves it.

This was all pre-Back To The Roots so click here for a look at wXw’s first big show of 2018.

wXw Shotgun 339 01/31/18

Alan4L is commentating and we get a flashy new intro! Ringkampf and Monter Consulting nearly start arguing during the post-Back To The Roots celebrations but they remind each other they’re not RISE and it’s all good.

Jay FK vs. RISE

Ivan Kiev and Lucky Kid are representing RISE instead of the usual Kid & Tarkan team, who is shown concussed after Kid’s accidental chair-shot at Back To The Roots. Kid and Kaspin deliver sharp performances early on and their seconds step up too and the result is a nice little match with plenty of double-teams, reminiscent of a 2000 ECW opener. A reverse powerbomb-exploder combo with a double-stomp cherry on top gets the win for the Shotgun specialists Jay FK.

A worn-down Dragan is asked about Jurn, he’s sad because he knows Jurn has turned into a different man since the Starr loss. Jurn himself is asked about Starr’s challenge but Simmons makes it a Last Man Standing Match, the main event of Night 1 and also both men’s first round match in 16 Carat. Fine with that.

Toni Storm speaks to Kelly after her title win, apologising for ”talking shit” before the match. Kelly is OK as it was her dream to step in the ring with her. They’re cool with each other and this was the best step after Kelly’s fluke-ish tournament win.

Session Moth believes she’s the rightful wXw Women’s Champion after defeating what was supposed to be the champion Melanie Gray at Back To The Roots. We get our first announced Dead End match (the Fast Lane to 16 Carat’s Wrestlemania) which is Storm vs. Kelly vs. Session Moth. Wait, why’s Kelly getting another shot?

Melanie Gray in the ring isn’t bothered about Toni Storm as she’s already beaten her and challenges her to get her ”fat ass” in the ring next week. Crowd chanted TONI STORM football chants the whole time.

Gunns and Andy talk shit after their match at Back To The Roots with Gunns wanting another shot but Andy dismissing him as a rookie. Regardless, they have a singles rematch for Dead End.

Absolute Andy vs. ‎Mike Schwarz

I have Mike on Facebook so I’d better type this accurately (nicely) as he’s a gigantic frigger. He gets the advantage early by giving Andy Snake Eyes and a Big Boot but he runs out of Diesel power when a chokeslam is turned into a Backcracker that pops the whole crowd due to the size involved. Andy works over his back and this Cologne crowd is happy to boo him. Mike gets another Snake Eyes and nearly ends it with a Boss Man Slam. Mike blocks a Sharpshooter with a choke but can’t block a Superkick which ends the match. Andy’s Superkick is the only protected one in wrestling today. Simple and fun big man match that didn’t out-stay it’s welcome.

Killer Kelly introduces herself to Veda Scott, who isn’t looking forward to meeting her but is looking forward to beating her. She points out the word-play and asks her to leave. Scott was channelling Julia Louis-Dreyfus here.

Bad Bones is in the ring with RISE so I have to post this so he doesn’t get mad (I only plugged this on Twitter and yet half the roster bloody found it)

After he brags about beating Ilja all by himself, Bouncer grabs the mic before Bones grabs it back. This continues for a while until Mack grabs it for himself but the vicious crowd chants ”YOU ARE NOT AXEL DIETER” so he hands it back to Bones. I laughed. Bones hands it back to Bouncer after he reminds him who the boss is. Bouncer reminds RISE helped Bones win the title in the first place and someone in the crowd yells so loud wXw are forced to subtitle him.

Bones hears him (hard for him not to) and says there’s slots for two RISE members for 16 Carat. Kiev and Kid can fight for Slot #1 aaaaaaaand Mack gets Slot #2 because he beat Colen (and he’s Bones’ biggest arse-kisser). Bouncer isn’t happy and starts shoving until NEW WORLD SYMPHONY KICKS IN and that’s all we have time for.

wXw Shotgun 340 02/07/18

I LIED WE HAVE LOTS OF TIME. Ringkampf are here to stop ”RISE story time.” WALTER was the one who scored the fall over Bones at BTTR so he’s won a shot at the Unified World Title, which he wants at 16 Carat Night 2. WALTER reminds Bones he’s after the title so it may be him or Mike Bailey (his opponent at Dead End) just to rub it in.

Toni doesn’t care how long Melanie Gray has been here, ”she’s still a massive bitch.”

Gunns had an opponent tonight but apparently ”he pussied out” so we get Dragan instead! Then Alan4L talks over the announcer and YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT ALAN, haddaway lad.

Bobby Gunns vs. Dirty Dragan

No wonder there’s two shows from the same venue for once, the crowd is loud as hell. They love Dragan the lovable oaf and his charged up flying tomahawk chop. Dragan gets beat up for the rest of the match as usual but gets a shock superplex and the crowd shits on the ref for not counting quick enough when Gunns kicks out. Some wrestlers would sell their mother for that degree of fan-love. Dragan knocks down Gunns with his injured arm and again the crowd goes nuts but Gunns has enough and double-arms him until he taps. BOOOOOOOs for Gunns, the cool dick.

Post-match Gunns said he has unfinished business with Andy who hears his name and appears like Candyman to powerbomb Gunns and pose over his body.

Jay FK discuss protein like fit guys (I assume) until Thatcher offers them a tag title match. Jay accepts but he says he knows Thatcher’s only offering them it because he thinks they’re easy. Francis isn’t happy with him talking like that, Jay explains they need to stop being kids. Yeah Francis, you want to stay on Shotgun forever like Stevie Night Heat?

Thatcher tells WALTER how disrespectful Jay is, but WALTER lets him know he’s always had a chip on his shoulder. AND WE DO NOT PICK EASY OPPONENTS, WE ARE RINGKAMPF (dammit).

Toni Storm vs. Melanie Gray

This is a match that belongs on a big show but wXw are probably happy getting to use the booked-everywhere Toni. Crowd loves her and can’t stop chanting her name while she wins the feeling-out process. Gray wails away and the story of the match is Gray keeping Toni downed with strikes until she gets cocky and starts showboating, at which point Toni takes over. Gray dominates, looking like Toni’s equal which Kelly did not look like at Back To The Roots. Toni goes nuts with her finishing sequence and ends with the sit-out piledriver.

Gray tries to attack Tony post-match but Kelly saves her. Then Veda Scott attacks Kelly before Storm saves HER. Storm’s so OP she makes the save for the people saving her.

Kiev encourages Bones to make peace with RISE. Bones sits there with his title looking smug and doesn’t say anything.

RISE vs. Ringkampf

Another big match! RISE represented by Da Mack and Bones. WALTER slaps Mack down with one chop so he can get the Ringkampf pose out the way. Bones sneak attacks so the crowd chants JOHN KLINGER SUCKS to the tune of Cena’s theme. RISE keep the advantage with Bouncer distracting the ref at the right times. Even they can’t stop WALTER though who double suplexes Mack & Bones and Bones accidentally strikes Bouncer. Bones is mad at Bouncer again, causing him to get distracted and handled like a United Airlines employee dealing with luggage. WALTER tags back in and takes apart Bones with his Dropkick of Death and Earthquake drop. Bones fakes an injury so Bouncer (who is very loyal) can bust open Thatcher’s ear for the 600th time of his career. With a bloody ear, RISE double-team Thatcher with even Mack getting some offence in. WALTER tags back in but Mack tries for a German Suplex and it’s all downhill for him as WALTER fucks him up for even thinking of such madness. Mack gets offence and it doesn’t matter. Thatcher kicks Bouncer off the apron leaving Bones and Walter to trade submission finishers on one another until Bones gets the tap-out with the Rebel Lock. ”You shouldn’t feel shocked because it’s the wXw champ in there but WALTER hasn’t tapped out in a long time!” says Alan and he’s right.

And Bones did it all by himself (with help from Mack and Kiev and Bouncer and Kid and Aslan).

Speaking of which, Kid picks up Aslan up from the hospital with bad news and the show ends with Kid trying to cheer him up.

Overall: wXw Shotgun is an easy watch even when speed-watching, the backstage segments doing as much for the wrestlers as the matches. The inner struggles of RISE, Jay FK finally reaching the big shows and the Jurn vs. Starr feud are the main reasons to continue watching as the company marches towards 16 Carat. I may type like I’m kissing arse but if they put out something I dislike, I’ll type about it. Unless I’m friends with them on FB, in which case you can fuck off.

The current line-up for Dead End is:

Storm vs. Kelly vs. Session Moth (Kelly shouldn’t be getting a title shot but a three-way is probably the better match so I’ll allow it)
Lucky Kid vs. Ivan Kiev, 16 Carat Qualifier (Knowing how wXw has been with friends recently, I suspect Aslan will turn on Kid by hitting him with a kebab)
Ringkampf vs. Jay FK, Tag Titles (if there’s a God this will steal the show)
Bobby Gunns vs. Absolute Andy II (had one of the best matches at BTTR so aye gimme)
Mike Bailey vs. Bad Bones, Unified World Title (no way is Bones losing but it’ll be worth a watch)

And while we’re at it, here’s the 16 Carat Line-Up:
David Starr
Jurn Simmons
Travis Banks
Chris Brookes
Jeff Cobb
Jonah Rock
Mark Haskins
Matt Riddle
Matt Sydal
Keith Lee
Absolute Andy
Da Mack
Timothy Thatcher
Alexander James
winner of Kiev vs. Kid

Looks canny to me. If it entices you, here’s the English link to wXwNow.

edit: Or on the HighSpots Network! Whichever works!