The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–11.28.81

(This was another one already done in the WWE 24/7 days, and I’ll throw in a couple of updated notes.) 

– Hosted by David Crockett & Bob Caudle

Nikolai Volkoff & Charlie Fulton v. Blackjack Mulligan & Jake Roberts

Jake controls Fulton with a headlock to start, and a slam gets two. Over to Volkoff, who’s wearing some sort of amateur wrestling headgear at this point, and he fights for the lockup with Mulligan and loses. Jake’s resemblance to perennial grizzled cowboy Sam Elliot here makes me wonder why no one ever tried that kind of character in recent years. Roberts and Mulligan double-team Volkoff in the corner and Fulton comes back, throwing forearms at Jake until Mulligan breaks it up. Mulligan slugs Fulton down and no-sells his offensive flurry, then finishes with the clawhold at 4:23.  (Instant point for the claw.  1 for 1.) 

– Mulligan stops by for an interview about how all the top talent is coming to Mid-Atlantic! So then we go back to Sandy Scott pimping Tommy Rich, as he shows the same piece of video from the previous week while Sgt. Slaughter looks on, unimpressed. Roddy Piper joins him and they mock King Kong Mosca, as we get some footage of Mosca as well. Always weird to hear Vince McMahon on commentary on an NWA show. So after all that nested footage, we cut back to Mulligan to respond to Slaughter & Piper’s claims of being the clear favorites to win the 1982 Cadillac (despite no one knowing what the match is even going to be). Mulligan also has words for John Studd, who slapped his son around. Caudle runs down a pretty damn awesome house show coming up in Charlotte, and I want to go to there! Piper & Ole Anderson v. Rick Steamboat & Jake Roberts? HELLS YEAH. So after all the footage-within-footage and house slow plugs, that whole segment ends up lasting pretty much 20 minutes. 1 for 2. 

– Sgt. Slaughter is DONE with Wahoo and he’ll put his belt on the line RIGHT HERE, against anyone. And it’s a grand to anyone who can break the cobra clutch.

Pvt. Jim Nelson v. Keith Larson

Nelson, the evil patriotic protégé of Sgt. Slaughter, pounds away on Larson and hits the chinlock a couple of times, but gets hiptossed for two. Larson gets a dropkick for two, but Nelson tosses him and brings him back in for the chinlock again. Big elbow gets two and it’s back to the chinlock, but he hits the Slaughter Cannon and finishes with the cobra clutch at 4:19. Keith Larson would actually be repackaged into Don Kernodle’s brother Rocky Kernodle, although I forget if they had a legitimate relationship.  Probably not.  1 for 3. 

– Ricky Steamboat shows us his mailbag full of letters from fans DEMANDING a singles match with Roddy Piper, but still no satisfaction.

Ninja v. Vinnie Valentino

The Ninja chops Valentino down and holds a chinlock, then switches to different variations of it like Randy Orton on a bender. More chops in the corner and it’s back to the chinlock again. Vinnie tries a comeback, but walks into a powerslam, and Ninja finishes with a diving headbutt at 3:23. None too impressive from the Ninja.  1 for 4. 

Check out this upcoming card:

– John Studd v. Blackjack Mulligan

– US title: Sgt. Slaughter v. Barry Windham

– Roberts & Steamboat v. Anderson & Piper

– NWA World title: Ric Flair v. Ray Stevens

Plus three more matches! And back to the ring…

Roddy Piper & Ole Anderson v. Don Kernodle & Tony Anthony

Yeah, that’s the future Dirty White Boy / TL Hopper as a TV jobber. Kernodle holds his own with Piper, and counters a facelock into a cradle for two. Piper controls with a headlock and it’s over to Ole, who beats on Anthony before Piper comes in and holds a hammerlock on the mat. Ole rides him on the mat and grinds on the armbar, and Piper adds a hammerlock slam. Ole comes off the top with a knee to the shoulder and another hammerlock slam, and the heels switch off quickly to punish the arm, until he finally submits. They keep beating on the arm after the bell until Roberts & Steamboat make the save. They have some final words for Ole & Piper and we’re out.  2 for 5. 

Ah, for simpler times.