The Roman Problem

Just a quick rant here after RAW. 

Look, RAW seemed OK with people, and I’m glad people enjoyed it, but the labyrinthine booking of the Elimination Chamber is getting ridiculous and is such an obvious time-filling mechanic at this point. These guys meet in matches to determine who qualifies! Then these guys have a match to see who enters last! Then these guys who lost get another match to see who gets another chance to enter! Then Roman wins LOL.

Like, if they have such a hard-on for Brock v. Roman as their main event, why not just BOOK IT? It’s PRE-DETERMINED. This isn’t UFC where you have to arrange #1 contender matches to get the shit you want. Just do some shit where Roman is cutting one of those stupid selfie promos and suddenly Brock punches him in the face and goes “HAHA FUCK YOU I’M CHAMPION” and then smashes his cell phone. Do you know how EXPENSIVE an iPhone X is to repair even with Applecare? That’s like $1000 out of his pocket! If I’m Roman, I’m pissed and then he can, I dunno, kidnap Paul Heyman and waterboard him until he gets a title shot or whatever. Since we all know who’s winning the Chamber, why even insult our intelligence by going through it?  Why not just sign Roman v. Brock for Wrestlemania so you can start building it, and make the Chamber match be for the first title shot or make Miz defend the IC title in there or something? 

Which is nothing against Roman, who is a fine pro wrestler and will probably have a good match with lazy Brock again, but holy shit they need to find a better way to get there.  The reason that Brock v. Braun worked so well is that there was an actual ISSUE.  Braun dropped an ambulance on him!  I’d like to think that kind of thing still means something.