Roster change in 83-85 WWF

Watching an 83 Philly Spectrum card on the Network, it's astonishing how much the roster changed within Vince's hostile takeover/robbing season years.

Out of 26 workers, you got TWO guys under 33 years (Buddy Rose and Sal Bellomo in their early 30s) and TWO youngsters (Curt Hennig at 24, Eddie Gilbert at 21), and a whooooole lot of experienced vets and legends like Andre, Afa, Sika, Scicluna, Rodz, Snuka etc.

Two years later, and most of the vets are gone, replaced by some of the hottest talent Vince could acquire from all around the country, fresh faces and experienced guys in their best years like Hogan, Savage, Windham, Rotunda, Tito, Orndorff, Steamboat, JYD, Heenan, Piper….

Hotter faster-paced bouts, talent that brought their regional fanbase with them (JYD, Piper, Savage, Steamer…), building stars for the future, a younger look in general (better looking guys), the list goes on.

How smart is Vince McMahon jr?

​Yeah dude, Vince CLEANED HOUSE on his dad's promotion and brought in his own crew.  HHH, oddly enough, seems to be in the process of doing the same thing with guys like Borash getting hired for NXT.  But that was always one of the brilliant things about Vince early on that became a detriment as the years went on:  He had a definite "type" of wrestler that he wanted to push.  Unfortunately, he hasn't really been willing to change with the times, which is why we're now in the situation where all the veteran part-timers are clogging up the main events while the young guys go to the indies instead.  ​