Bob Caudle’s Flying Elbows


I'm watching Mid-Atlantic shows and digging the Sgt Slaughter era so far. Anyway, couple of observations:
Was the intro music really that terrible or just a WWE add-on? It's seems obnoxiously loud and covers the introduction stuff from Caudle and Crockett, where you can't even hear them. Although crappy intro music sounds better that David Crockett any day. 

Also, Bob Caudle seems to have this 'flying elbow' issue as he tries to interview guys. Ever notice how he holds the long mic almost parallel to the floor and swings around the guys with it? Maybe just a quirk he has? Never noticed announcers holding a mic so awkward before. 

Thanks for the great work on the blog, as always. 

​Oh yeah, the intro music is HELLA-overdubbed.  Not that the original was particularly better, but WWE didn't own the rights, so ya know…
And Caudle was never a great announcer in general.  As I understand it, he was always just kind of doing it as a side job and disappeared once Crockett started going national.  The microphone thing was probably just a quirk.​