Hardcore Holly-Brock Lesnar Royal Rumble

What was the deal with Hardcore Holly getting squashed in such a short match at the 2004 RR by Brock?  They had built up a good storyline, and then the match went nowhere and that was it for Hardcore Holly in a big spot. 
Was that the plan or did Brock just not want to sell and be bothered?  Also was the plan always for Brock to lose to Eddie at the next show, or were they planning Brock vs Goldberg for the title if they hadn't decided to leave?

​It was just a thing to do in order to try to capitalize on the neck injury a little bit and give Holly a cup of coffee in the main event.  The Rumble title match is always such a nothing anyway.  
And yeah, the plan was always for Brock to lose to Eddie.  Obviously he would have won it back later had he stayed, but they really wanted to run with a Latino star on top to cash in on the massive numbers that Smackdown was drawing from that demo.  ​