WWF Madison Square Garden – December 28th, 1990

December 28, 1990

From Madison Square Garden in New York City, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes

Tonight, we will see Mr. Perfect vs. Roddy Piper for the Intercontinental Title and Hulk Hogan & Tugboat vs. Earthquake & Dino Bravo


Koko B. Ware vs. Black Bart

Koko backs Bart into the corner then takes him down with an arm drag. Koko gets the crowd behind him as he shakes off a few punches. Koko takes Bart over with a hip toss and follows with a dropkick as Bart rolls out for a breather. Bart returns and challenges Koko to a test-of-strength. They battle over that for a while until Koko stomps Bart’s hand then hits another dropkick as Bart once again bails. Bart comes back inside and rakes Koko’s face then hammers away in the corner. Bart chokes out Koko then drops him throat-first across the top rope and covers for two. Bart grabs a chinlock and works that for a while as the camera zooms in on Frankie. Koko escapes but runs into a knee smash then Bart uses a sledgehammer to the back for a two count as Gorilla gets on Bart for using nonchalant pin attempts. Bart goes back to the chinlock and Koko finally escapes then collides with Bart as both men are down. Bart is up first and hits a slam but misses an elbow drop. Koko picks up Bart for a slam but Bart falls on top for a two count. Bart misses a charge in the corner then Koko rolls him up for a two count. Koko gets two with a suplex then with a small package but Bart attacks him in the corner. Bart uses back rakes but Koko pumps himself up then fires away before hitting the Ghostbuster for the win (10:07) *.

Thoughts: Koko really tried hard to make this watchable as he did the work of two people here since Bart is useless. At this point, Bart was on the way out and Koko was exclusively jobbing on TV.


The Warlord vs. Jimmy Snuka

Warlord attacks Snuka from behind then chokes him out in the ropes. The announcers talk about Warlord and Davey Boy Smith’s war of words over who is the strongest as Snuka fights back. Warlord catches Snuka with a slam but misses an elbow drop and Snuka lands a headbutt. Snuka fires away in the corner until Warlord breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop. Warlord charges at Snuka with a clothesline then once again chokes him out in the ropes. Warlord sends Snuka over the top rope with a big boot then heads out to ram him into the post. Warlord knocks Snuka off of the apron with a clubbing forearm to the chest then suplexes him back inside. The Warlord gloats then drops an elbow for a two count then catches Snuka in a bearhug. He gets Snuka on the top rope but Snuka headbutts him then hits a flying headbutt for a two count as Warlord tossed him off on the kickout. Snuka hits a few strikes but Warlord catches him with a hotshot then chokes Snuka on the ropes and refuses to break the five count and ends up getting disqualified (8:28) -*. After the match, Warlord shoves the ref away then beats on Snuka, who comes back with a flying headbutt as Warlord bails

Thoughts: Terrible stuff. There was no flow to the match and the crowd sat on their hands the entire time. Plus, the finish was lame. For a guy starting to get a pushed feud The Warlord was not booked as a threat whatsoever.


Howard Finkel brings out the Gobbledy Gooker, who picks a kid out from the crowd and they dance in the aisle. Gooker then dances in the ring and even with Finkel as Lord Alfred is in all his glory. The crowd was not nearly as excited as Lord Alfred was during the segment.


Power & Glory vs. The Rockers

Both teams brawl before the bell. Power & Glory then beat on Marty outside of the ring and finally bring things back inside. Roma hammers away on Marty but accidentally punches the mat trying to break up a sunset flip. Marty uses his speed to tag out as The Rockers are now in control as the match once again breaks down. Marty slingshots Shawn inside for a double forearm smash then The Rockers clear the ring. Hercules returns and beats on Shawn for a bit. Shawn fights back but Marty got tied up with the ref as Roma sneaks in from behind to break up an atomic drop attempt. Hercules drops Shawn with a back elbow smash as Power & Glory continue to cut off the ring and cheat behind the ref’s back. Shawn is finally able to tag out as The Rockers work over the arm of Hercules. Roma tags in and The Rockers work over his arm for a while. Marty gets decked by Hercules while running the ropes as Power & Glory are now back in control of the match. Roma charges in the corner but gets clotheslined by Marty as both men are down. Marty tags out as Shawn runs wild until he gets low-bridged by Hercules as Shawn dumps out on the floor. Shawn barely beats the ten count then gets tossed into the corner by Hercules, who follows with a bearhug. Roma tags in and puts on a bearhug of his own. Hercules tags as Shawn crawls under his legs and scrambles for the tag but Roma tied up the ref, who did not see it take place. Roma takes Marty outside with a dropkick then Power & Glory set up for a Power Plex but Hercules breaks the middle rope. Marty knocks Roma off the top then things get messy as Marty is tagged in and runs wild on Roma. The match breaks down again then both teams reverse a small package as Marty almost picks up the win. Shawn sends Hercules outside with a super kick then The Rockers use a Rocket Launcher but the bell rings as we learn its a time-limit draw (21:11) **3/4. Both teams brawl after the match as The Rockers clear the ring then bring in chairs and sit down, taunting Power & Glory to return.

Thoughts: I liked the beginning of the match a lot but the body of the match was not particularly exciting and the end was a mess. With Power & Glory getting Tag Title shots against the Hart Foundation at other shows and the company wanting to keep The Rockers relatively strong the finish did make sense.


Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Saba Simba

Valentine’s hair is back to being blond. Simba backs Valentine into the corner as the ref breaks them up. Simba takes Valentine down with an arm drag as Valentine now paces around before backing Simba into the corner. Valentine hits a few chops but Simba fights back then Valentine bails. Back inside, Valentine works a chinlock then uses Simba’s momentum to toss him outside but Simba immediately heads back inside and hammers away. Simba clotheslines Valentine but gets cheap-shotted in the corner. Valentine grounds Simba and targets the leg but Simba blocks a figure four attempt. Simba fires up as Valentine punches away but puts his head down and gets nailed. Valentine gets two with an elbow drop but Simba fights back. Simba drops Valentine with a headbutt but Valentine once again decks Simba as the announcers talk about Simba having “lapses.” Valentine then shoves the ref down from the corner and Hart comes in to hit Simba with the guitar but misses and nails his client as Simba wins by DQ (8:29) DUD. After the match, we see Valentine busted open as Hart tries to tell him he’s sorry. However, Valentine paces around and looks at the crowd, who are cheering for him to deck Hart. Valentine clinches his fist and points at his head while yelling at Hart. He then brings Hart to his knees and is about to punch him but Hart bails. The crowd cheers for Valentine

Thoughts: The match was terrible but the real news was the post-match incident with Valentine turning on his manager. After a near seven-year heel run, Valentine is on track to become a babyface in the WWF.


Earthquake & Dino Bravo w/ Jimmy Hart vs. Hulk Hogan & Tugboat

The crowd chants for Hogan as he starts off with Bravo. Hogan flexes after shoving Bravo into the corner then catches him with a back drop. Hogan decks Hart off of the apron then goes back to beating on Bravo. Hogan & Tugboat work over Bravo and take him down with a double big boot but Tugboat eats boot attempting an avalanche. Bravo tags out after hitting an inverted atomic drop but is able to roll away from an elbow drop and tag out as Hogan fires away on Earthquake. He hits a slam on both men then tags out as Tugboat runs wild. Bravo whacks Tugboat from behind with the megaphone then tags in and covers for two. Bravo & Earthquake cut off the ring then Bravo stops Tugboat with a headlock as he is trying to get over to Hogan. Earthquake distracts the ref so he misses the tag and comes in to drop an elbow. Hogan runs in to cut off a sit-down splash attempt with a clothesline then gets back on the apron and tries to rally Tugboat, who makes the tag. Hogan fires away on Bravo and hits a big boot then rolls up Bravo for the win (9:24) *. After the match, Hogan & Tugboat pose until Earthquake attacks them from behind. The medics bring out a stretcher for Hogan, who refuses and walks out with help from Tugboat.

Thoughts: The match was not good at all but the crowd was at least into Hogan. The end also sets up for another match between Earthquake and Hogan as that is the only drawing feud the company has right now so they really did have to drag this out even longer.


Virgil w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Texas Tornado

DiBiase was supposed to face Tornado but had knee surgery and was unable to compete. Virgil attacks Tornado from behind then goes out to ram Tornado into the post. Virgil poses inside but Tornado gets back up on the apron and slingshots Virgil outside. Tornado fires away and hits the discus punch before slamming Virgil’s face off of the steps. The fight heads back inside where Virgil lands some shots in the corner. Virgil now works the arm but Tornado escapes and hits a few clotheslines. Tornado follows with a back drop then hits a suplex and another back drop before putting on the Boston Crab. Virgil blocks the claw but Tornado hammers away then hits the Tornado Punch for the win (7:55) 1/2*. After the match, Virgil shakes Tornado’s hand.

Thoughts: Bad match. Virgil was terrible in the ring but the real story was setting up for his face turn as you saw him be a good sport at the end by shaking Tornado’s hand.


Jimmy Hart is back in the ring. He gloats over Earthquake’s attack on Hogan and said it was just the beginning. Hart then tells Valentine no one threatens him and that the Honky Tonk Man has issued a challenge but said Valentine does not have the guts to accept. Well, Honky quit the company so this never happened (According to The History of WWE website, Honky gave notice on 12/26, which is odd) because he stopped getting booked in matches.


Sgt. Slaughter & Gen. Adnan vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Dusty Rhodes

The announcers talk about Slaughter’s title match at the Royal Rumble as both teams play up to the crowd with Dusty looking like he would rather be anywhere else. Slaughter tries to take the 2×4 from the apron but Duggan chases him away. Duggan whips Slaughter into the corner and Slaughter goes up and over to the floor where he is helped up by Adnan. Back inside, Dusty & Duggan work over Slaughter until Adnan grabs Duggan’s leg, allowing Slaughter to clothesline him over the top rope. Slaughter distracts the ref as Adnan attacks Duggan. Slaughter then drags Duggan back inside and tags out as Adnan hammers away. Adnan cranks the neck then Slaughter clotheslines Duggan from the apron. The heels cut off the ring while frequently distracting the referee. Slaughter misses a knee drop from the top rope then Duggan finally makes the tag. Dusty fires away in the corner but misses a charge. Slaughter drops an elbow then tries for the Camel’s Clutch but Duggan runs in for the save. Adnan then sneaks around to the outside an jabs Duggan in the ribs with his flag. Duggan grabs his 2×4 and chases Adnan backstage but has that happens Slaughter puts Dusty in the Camel’s Clutch for the win (9:10) 1/4*. Duggan chases Slaughter away with his 2×4 after the match.

Thoughts: Another terrible match. Dusty phoned it in big time here and Adnan was lousy while Duggan was broken down himself and a shell of what he was years prior. Anyway, it continued the Duggan/Slaughter feud and once again jobbed Dusty on the way out the door.


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Mr. Perfect (c) vs. Roddy Piper

Both men get in each others faces then Piper spits at Perfect and fires away. Perfect tries a waistlock and gets elbowed in the face then the two trade chops until Piper chops Perfect over the top rope and onto the announcers table. Piper drags Perfect inside and drags him around by the hair. Piper stomps on Perfect then tosses him over the top rope by the throat and heads out to inflict more punishment. Piper hits Perfect with a chair then drags him back into the ring as Perfect walked towards the exit. Piper is dragging and tossing Perfect around as Perfect’s singlet is all torn up. Piper mocks Perfect then pokes him in the eyes as the crowd is now awake. Piper gets a two count then both men are down after a double clothesline. Perfect removes a turnbuckle pad then rams Piper’s head into the exposed steel. He takes his time in making the cover and only gets two then he sends Piper outside with a dropkick. Perfect heads out and rams Piper’s elbow on the barricade then rams a chair into his throat. Perfect climbs up top but the ref pulls him off then Perfect brings Piper inside and hammers away. Piper is caught in a sleeper and Perfect brings him to the mat. The crowd starts chanting for Piper as he escapes with a jawbreaker. Piper gets up and both men trade punches. Perfect tries a suplex but Piper falls on top for a two count. Perfect gets a small package for two then both men trade knee lifts. Perfect hits a clothesline and calls out for the Perfect Plex but Piper kicks out at two. Perfect is stunned and Piper almost puts him away with a rollup. Piper charges and gets dumped outside so Perfect heads out and rams him on the barricade. Perfect then rolls Piper inside and heads up top but Piper shakes the ropes as Perfect dumps outside and then Perfect loses by countout (12:38) ***3/4. After the match, Perfect grabs his belt and tries to attack Piper but that fails. Both men fight over the belt then Perfect ducks a wild swing as they brawl outside. Piper rams Perfect into the post then hits Perfect with the belt back inside of the ring. Piper holds up the belt then throws it on Perfect’s chest.

Thoughts: That was one hell of a match. Perfect’s selling of Piper’s brawling was fantastic and it was all action. The finish would lead you to believe they’d bring this match back again but they never did at MSG. Perfect did not look bad in defeat while champ because of how he got counted out. Definitely a match to seek out.


Gorilla tells us that on 1/21, Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage for the World Heavyweight Title will take place inside of a steel cage. Well, it did take place just not for the title.


Final Thoughts: The main event was excellent and Rockers vs. Power & Glory match was pretty good too, making it better than most MSG shows from this year even if the rest of the card was shit. This was not close to a sell out and the crowd was dead after Hogan’s match until the main event but at the least main event delivered.


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