The NXT Ceiling?

Hey, Scott:

With WrestleMania Monday on the horizon, I assume the main roster(s) will soon be adding several NXT graduates. Over the years, however, it's clear that some NXT acts just don't translate on the main roster — maybe due to bad booking (Bayley); immediate Vince disinterest (Vaudevillains) or premature promotion (Apollo Crews).

With the current NXT talent level as deep as it's ever been, which NXT talent has the best chance of shining thru the WWE circus and who is most likely to experience their (creative, character) peak in NXT?

​I think Vince is going to push the shit out of the AOP when they get up there, and probably Killian Dain as well.  They so desperately need and want a Latino star that Almas is going to get several shots when he gets to the main roster.  
As for misses, I just don't see Vince getting the Undisputed Era guys. Too small, style is too different, etc.  I'm also worried he's going to bring up someone like Lars Sullivan or Velveteen Dream too fast and ruin them early.  In particular Dream needs to be seasoned down there like a good brisket, low and slow.  ​