XFL ESPN 30 for 30

Hey Scott, I don't know if you ever saw the ESPN 30 for 30 episode on the XFL (or even knew of its existence), but it's an amazing look at the entire ordeal from conception to completion. But the most interesting bit to me is at the very end. It's Dick Ebersol and Vince sitting down for dinner 16 years post-XFL and Dick asks him if he'd try anything like it again and Vince replied that he would.

This aired February 2, 2017! Vince told us a year in advance, but no one paid attention!

PS Bob Costas is such a little bitch and he proves it every time he talks in this episode.

​We were warned and we didn't pay attention.  
Also, considering Vince nearly went into a roid rage during an interview with Costas, I'd say Bob is justified in holding a grudge.​