The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–11.14.81

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 11.14.81

OK, jumping forward another two weeks, as the November 7 show is missing for whatever reason. This one is also sporting a “production difficulties” disclaimer at the beginning.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are David Crockett & Bob Caudle

Fun fact: This is where WWE 24/7 started airing the shows back in the day, although when I originally did this one, it was dated November 18.

Sandy Scott, the kayfabe matchmaker for the area, promises that he’s trying to bring top names to the Mid-Atlantic area, and he’s got a special incentive for them. Is it coke? Because I’m pretty sure that was the main incentive for most of the guys.

Jay Youngblood v. Ricky Harris

Youngblood works a headlock to start and holds onto that for a while. Like, literally 3:30. Harris escapes, but misses an elbow, and Jay goes right back to it. Harris slams out of it for two, but Jay chops him down, winds up with the big chop, and finishes with the chop drop at 5:11. Nothing to this one. 0 for 1.

Sgt. Slaughter is here to address all the maggots in the studio, and he hears about a big fat Indian challenging him and he won’t stand for it. So he’s got a signed contract to prove he’s not a coward, if Wahoo also has the guts to face him on TV.

Sgt. Slaughter v. Ken Hall

Slaughter bullies the jobber and slams him around, then drops him with a gutbuster and works the arm. The announcers are in agreement that he could never do that to Wahoo. Yeah, because he’s so FAT, am I right, Sarge? I feel like Slaughter would high five that one. Slaughter Cannon and cobra clutch finishes this pathetic maggot at 2:45. Automatic point for Sarge. 1 for 2.

So yeah, this was a weird episode, because the drop-in promo for the house show in Roanoke is for February 7, and Jimmy Valiant has already won the Cadillac that (spoiler alert) Sandy Scott is going to announce as an upcoming prize later in the show. Also, Ivan Koloff is now TV champion, despite Ron Bass being champion on the show we’re watching.

Sandy Scott returns, and he’s offering a 1982 Cadillac (a $20,000 automobile!) as an incentive to bring in big name talent. Talent like Tommy Rich!

Tommy Rich v. Tony Russo

This is footage from another syndicated show, and Sandy is confident that the promise of a car will bring Tommy Rich to the area. Well, that and a shitload of booze and drugs. But that’s one of those unspoken incentives. Russo tries to work on the leg and gets elbowed down, and Rich goes to the chinlock. Thesz Press finishes at 4:05 after two tries at it. Clearly Tony Russo does not want that car. 1 for 3.

Roddy Piper is out and he argues with Ole Anderson over who deserves the car more. Sandy is like “But what about ANGELO MOSCA?” Slaughter points out that the footage of Mosca is against some scrub who weighs 200 pounds and is a complete loser. TRUTH.

Steamboat & Youngblood are out to offer their rebuttal to Sgt. Slaughter, as Jay Youngblood once again proves that not everyone in the 80s was a good promo. “Burnout stoner” is not exactly an interview style that you’d think would draw money. Rick Steamboat just wants a rematch with Roddy Piper for the Mid-Atlantic title, so Jake Roberts suggests the people write a PETITION. You know how much I love internet petitions.

Jimmy Valiant v. Dick Rivers

Elbow and elbow finish at 0:30. 1 for 4.

Roddy Piper returns and he’s tired of being called a coward, and he’s tired of all the petitions that are being sent in. So he introduces some footage of Steamboat wrestling a masked man, and Piper runs in and drops an elbow on Steamboat with the ref out cold, and pins him. Thus, Steamboat gets no title shot. Well, I’m convinced. 2 for 5.

Back to our Roanoke promo, and young Blackjack Mulligan Jr. is getting a title shot at Ric Flair. You could almost see the pimples on young Barry’s face back then.

Ricky Steamboat & Jake Roberts v. Super Destroyer & The Grappler

Steamboat and Roberts switch off and work the leg of Super D, and then Grappler comes in and gets kneedropped by Roberts for two. Steamboat works a chinlock on Grappler and then catches him with the sleeper, but Grappler tags out to the Destroyer to break. Destroyer elbows him down, but Steamboat chops him in the throat and brings Roberts in. Kneelift sends Destroyer back to his corner and Grappler comes in, but he eats a kneelift as well. Jake holds a facelock, but goes after Destroyer and gets caught in the masked corner as a result. Super D pounds him down and drops a knee for two, then Grappler comes in with a faceplant for two. Destroyer goes to the bearhug and Grappler pounds him on the mat. Destroyer hangs Jake in the Tree of Woe, as Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson join us at ringside for some de-motivation. Grappler drops an elbow for two, but Jake hits the DDT out of nowhere (not yet his finish, though) and it’s hot tag Steamboat. Chops for everyone! Piper pulls out Grappler to save him and it’s a DQ at 9:12. 3 for 6.

Rick Steamboat heads back to the podium to air his grievances with Piper, and it turns out that he’s got the rest of the footage from earlier, revealing that he did indeed go on to beat Piper’s masked man after the ref recovered, and is thus deserving of a title shot after all. I KNEW THAT PIPER WAS LYING!