Proper WWE Viewing

Hey There,

Lately I found that the only way I can get myself hyped in any way to watch PPVs is to skip Raw and Smackdown. By just reading recaps and maybe the YouTube clips when something sounds interesting, I find more motivation to watch the big shows and not be burned out on seeing a match for the 3rd or 4th time in a month. As much as I love the current roster with guys like AJ, Finn, Rollins, etc…, what's the point of watching their current feuds on TV and getting burned out on particular matches before what in theory it's supposed to be building to?

It sounds like you're in the same boat, choosing to only watch the main PPVs. Is this taking into account by WWE, in their endless need for as much content as possible? Realistically, are they more concerned with filling time for USA or with their streaming network?

​Preaching to the choir there, homeslice.  I watch the "Top 10 RAW / Top 10 Smackdown Moments" videos that WWE puts on YouTube to catch me up, listen to Dave and Bryan recap the shows on the way to work in the morning, and watch the PPVs.  That's really all I need.  They are really burning out their audience at a rapid pace with this saturation of product.  But yeah, their #1 concern is serving the USA Network's content needs, because that's the guaranteed cheddar that keeps them profitable no matter what.  ​