WWF Superstars of Wrestling – December 22nd, 1990

December 22, 1990

From the Rochester War Memorial in Rochester, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Roddy Piper, and the Honky Tonk Man

In action this week are Macho King Randy Savage, Hart Foundation, Rick Martel, and Davey Boy Smith. Plus, Dusty & Dustin Rhodes as guests on the “Brother Love Show” and a Royal Rumble Report.


“The Model” Rick Martel vs. Jim McPherson

Martel is wearing a “Yes, I am a Model” button on his ring jacket. The announcers talk about the Martel/Jake feud as Martel hammers away. Martel hits a dropkick then stomps away before posing on the top rope. Martel is now shown in an insert promo saying he loves to give gifts during the Holiday season and wants to give Jake his own bottle of Arrogance. He stays in control then puts McPherson away with a Boston Crab (1:48).

Thoughts: This is the first time Martel sported his button as his feud with Jake continues.


WWF Update with Gene Okerlund. This week’s focus is on last week’s Intercontinental Title Match where Mr. Perfect became the new champion after beating Texas Tornado with assistance from Ted DiBiase. We now hear from Tornado who says his dreams were shattered last week after losing the title and promises to destroy every one of DiBiase’s dreams. Tornado has been shifted to a feud with DiBiase, who just underwent arthroscopic knee surgery, as he failed to give the Intercontinental Title a boost.


Koko B. Ware vs. Macho King Randy Savage

Savage beats on Koko then chokes him out on the top rope. Koko manages to use a small package for a two count but Savage goes back on the attack. Piper talks about the Ultimate Warrior as Koko hits Savage with a neckbreaker but misses a splash. Savage sends Koko outside with a knee smash before flying out with a double axe handle as the announcers now talk about Warrior vs. Slaughter at the Royal Rumble. Savage rolls Koko back inside then heads up for the flying elbow drop and the win (2:44).

Thoughts: Lots of talk about both the Savage/Warrior feud and the Warrior/Slaughter title match at the Royal Rumble.


An ad for the Royal Rumble airs. Its voiced over by Vince.


Chris Duffy vs. “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith

The announcers talk about the Royal Rumble match as Davey overpowers Duffy. We now hear from Slick & The Warlord in an insert promo telling Davey that he is not the strongest in the WWF as Davey puts Duffy away with a running powerslam (1:22). On commentary, Honky and Vince talk about problems between Andre the Giant and Bobby Heenan.

Thoughts: Interesting comments about Andre and Heenan having problems, especially since it was quite obvious that was the case after WrestleMania VI, as it seems they will be feuding with each other now. The build towards the Warlord/Davey feud continues.


Sean Mooney is in the Event Center hyping the next Boston Garden show. Only notable for Mooney telling us that Sam Houston is returning to the WWF. He did a few weeks worth of house show matches and was replaced by Dustin Rhodes on this show. According to Houston, Vince told him to take a few months and basically “get bigger” then he would return with a push. However, Houston realized it was bullshit and even after admitting to taking steroids never returned and went to WCW for a brief stint before going to work for Global.


“The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau pulls over a woman and takes offense to being called an “officer” because he is a Mountie. Rougeau doesnt care that the woman is afraid of horses and makes fun of her for being from Georgia before telling us to remember that he is the Mountie. Jacques is one of the more underrated heels in wrestling history. When he turned it up you really wanted someone to kick his ass.


Black Bart & Black Demon vs. The Hart Foundation

Power & Glory are with Slick in an insert promo. They are quite confident in their ability to become Tag Team Champions. Honky thinks Bret should have been counted out after leaving the ring to give a kid his glasses. Neidhart overpowers Bart and tosses him outside. Bret tags in and fights off his opponents then the Hart Foundation put Demon away with the Hart Attack (2:39).

Thoughts: More hype for an eventual Hart Foundation vs. Power & Glory title match. You also cannot hide just how over Bret is getting with the fans at this point. He’s clearly the star of the team.


Royal Rumble Report with Gene Okerlund. We learn of the other matches on the card such as: Dusty & Dustin Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase & Virgil, Big Bossman vs. The Barbarian, and The Rockers vs. The Orient Express.


The Barbarian w/ Sonny Blaze vs. Sonny Blaze

The Barbarian beats on Blaze as we see his Royal Rumble opponent, Big Bossman, on the cover of “WWF Spotlight Magazine.” Barbarian then slams Blaze before putting him away with a flying clothesline (1:17).

Thoughts: A win for The Barbarian as they lightly touched on his Rumble match against Bossman. The Barbarian is still just a pawn in the Bossman/Heenan feud though.


The Rockers are shown playing the “WWF WrestleMania Challenge” game for NES.


Brother Love Show with guests Dusty & Dustin Rhodes. Brother Love calls Dustin stupid after refusing Ted DiBiase’s offer but Dusty cuts him off. Dusty says the bond between a father & son cannot be bought. Dustin, trying hard to sound just like his dad, talks about the blood running through them as Dusty tells DiBiase “you cannot buy this common family.” Dustin imitating his dad did not work here at all. And Dusty’s passion is noticeably different as a lame-duck worker since he will be wrapping up at the Rumble in order to become the booker for WCW.


Tugboat is with the Gobbledy Gooker and asks him how to dance as they do the do-si-do. Two incredibly lame gimmicks doing a lame dance together is fitting.


Mike Durham & Mike Pocari vs. The Orient Express w/ Mr. Fuji

The Orient Express beat on Durham as we hear from the Legion of Doom, who promise to destroy not just the Orient Express but also Mr. Fuji. Pocari is in now as Fuji thrusts his cane in his throat and soon after that The Orient Express hit a super kick/bridging German suplex combo for the win (1:44).

Thoughts: The Orient Express are so much more fun to watch now that Kato has replaced Sato. However, they are still just a lower card team.


Final Thoughts: We now know the rest of the Royal Rumble card. They also dropped Andre the Giant’s name and his problems with Heenan in an attempt to set up something that never really happened. Other than that we got more hype for the PPV and other feuds in the company.


Here is my tentative schedule for the next several days:

Wednesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/23/90

Thursday: WWF Madison Square Garden 12/28/90

Friday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 12/29/90

Saturday: Mid-South Wrestling 5/19/83

Sunday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 12/30/90

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