The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground–S01E14

The SmarK Rant for Lucha Underground – S01E14

“A Shot of El Patron”

Your hosts are Vampiro & Matt Striker

Dario Cueto picks up his conversation with Alberto where it left off last week, as El Patron wants BLOOD. Well, he has certainly come to the right person for it.

Argenis v. Fenix

They quickly go flying out of the ring and Fenix hits a somersault dive to the floor on Argenis, but Argenis catches him with a kick to counter a springboard bodyblock, and gets two. They do some acrobatic counters and Argenis gets a faceplant for two, but Fenix takes him down with a wristlock and a springboard dropkick. Fenix gets an enzuigiri while Catrina comes out to watch, and Argenis comes back with a springboard moonsault for two. Fenix dumps him to the floor and follows with a corkscrew plancha, but he goes up and Argenis hits something akin to a One Winged Angel for two. Fenix comes back with a K-Driller to finish at 5:31. Catrina crawls in and gives Argenis the Lick of Death afterwards, and Fenix is kind of creeped out. Fun match. ***

Mietras, Catrina meets with Mil Muertes, but he needs NOTHING from her. He stomps off and finds Chavo Guerrero, and that goes badly for Chavo.

Mietras, Big Ryck confesses his future sins to a priest in advance, just because people are gonna bleed and he wants to make sure he’s covered.

Son of Havoc v. Johnny Mundo

Mundo sweeps the leg and hits a spinning splash for two, but misses a low kick and Havoc rolls him up for two. Havoc with a handspring elbow in the corner, but Mundo dodges another one and Havoc lands on the floor. Mundo follows with a dive, but Havoc sends him into the post and then follows with a crazy elbowdrop where he hangs his body straight out from the post first. Back in, Mundo tries a springboard and Ivellise trips him up, allowing Havoc to get two. He drops an elbow for two and goes to the surfboard, but Johnny escapes with a mule kick and he makes the comeback. He charges and hits boot, but comes back with a clothesline for two, with Marty Jannetty sell from Havoc. Havoc with a sunset flip, but Mundo rolls through and hits the shining wizard. Havoc fires back with a springboard double stomp into a standing moonsault for two. Havoc with a bicycle kick and a standing shooting star for two. At this point they have a discussion about Hayabusa and how an injury ended his career, and in fact this was taped before he died in March of 2016 so they were talking about him in the present tense. It was just kind of weird and bad timing on their part. They fight to the top and Mundo tries a top rope rana, but Havoc hangs onto the ropes to block and Mundo splats. Havoc opts not to go for the pin, yelling at Ivellise for her approval instead, and tries a shooting star press to really look like a big man, but he hits the knees and Mundo finishes him with the End of the World at 8:48. Havoc was pulling out all kinds of crazy stuff and this was easily his best match yet. ***1/2 Vampiro: “Love is crazy, especially if it’s a piece of ass like that one.” OK then. King Cuerno runs in and lays out Johnny again after the match.

Ricky Mandel v. Pentagon Jr.

Vampiro has a funny bit where he confuses Mandel with Rick Martel and Striker has to rein him back in. Pentagon gets some vicious chops and takes Mandel down for a pounding on the mat, but Mandel comes back with a headscissors and dropkick. He goes up and lands on a dropkick, and Pentagon gets two and picks him up. Sling blade sets up a death valley driver into the turnbuckles, and then he dropkicks the neck to bring him down. Armbar finishes at 3:40, and then he breaks the kid’s arm for good measure. And the crowd is INTO IT. Afterwards, Pentagon offers up one more sacrifice for his master. **

Alberto El Patron joins us as the crowd goes nuts for him, and he’s excited to work in a place where you don’t get held back by the color of your skin, only if you can’t get the job done. And he always gets the job done, baby. And at that point, El Texano runs in and attacks him with a bullrope, carrying on a feud from AAA. Vampiro has no sympathy for Patron.

The Pulse

Momentum continues to build for Pentagon, and Havoc v. Mundo was a hell of a TV match. It just continues to be a really fun show.