WWF Prime Time Wrestling – December 17, 1990

December 17, 1990

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan

This is the special 300th episode


Boris Zhukov vs. Dustin Rhodes

Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes are on commentary. This is from the 10/10 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Cape Girardeau, MO. We get some “USA” chants then Zhukov takes Rhodes over with a hip toss. Zhukov follows with a slam but Rhodes fights back and gets a two count with a dropkick. Zhukov ducks out for a breather then returns as Dustin works over his arm. They try to knock each other down then Rhodes hits a crossbody for two then works the arm as we cut back to the studio for a old clip of Heenan stranded out on the lake as Gorilla laughs while rowing his boat away. We return to the match with Zhukov now in control. He grabs a chinlock for a bit then both men collide. Zhukov is up first and drapes his arm over Rhodes for a two count then Rhodes fights back and hammers away before hitting the bulldog for the win (5:53) *.

Thoughts: A basic match to put over Rhodes. I believe this was Zhukov’s final appearance on WWF TV. He seems like a nice guy by watching some of his shoot interview but man was he just awful during his WWF run.


Nikolai Volkoff vs. “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil

This is from the 11/20 “Wrestling Challenge” tapings in Syracuse, NY. DiBiase tries to pay off Volkoff, who takes the cash and puts it in his tights but ends up hitting DiBiase & Volkoff with a double noggin-knocker. DiBiase bails after Volkoff kicks him down then we head to the studio for another flashback of Heenan & Gorilla at Marina Del Ray. The action returns with DiBiase stomping away. Volkoff rolls away from a falling back elbow drop then catches DiBiase with a spin kick. Volkoff lands a few more kicks then catches DiBiase with a knee smash. He hits a few more stomps then for some reason goes over to grab Virgil as that allows DiBiase to attack from behind then put on the Million Dollar Dream for the win (5:10) DUD. After the match, Virgil recovers the money from Volkoff’s tights

Thoughts: DiBiase tried but Volkoff was horrendous. This also might be Volkoff’s final WWF appearance of this current run and he was jobbed out hard his final few weeks.


We get another clip when Heenan was getting a massage from a woman but Gorilla snuck in and really roughed up Heenan’s back as he was supposed to be preparing for his match at WrestleMania IV.


Tony Ulysses & Duane Gill vs. Legion of Doom

This match also aired on the 12/23 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.” The LoD start off by beating on Gill as we hear from The Orient Express & Mr. Fuji, who laughs about what he has in store for the LoD. Gill continues to get destroyed then the LoD put him away with the Doomsday Device (3:08).

Thoughts: Your typical LoD squash match as they continue to build towards their eventual handicapped match against Fuji & The Orient Express.


Clips of Heenan & Gorilla at Busch Gardens.


The Warlord w/ Slick vs. Tugboat

This took place at the 11/19 “Superstars of Wrestling” tapings in Rochester, NY. Warlord gets frustrated after not being able to slam Tugboat so he regroups with Slick. Warlord then boots Tugboat and hammers away but has his hip toss blocked. Tugboat uses an arm drag but eats boot on a charge in a bad spot before Warlord drops him with a clothesline. Warlord hammers away then cuts off a comeback by raking the eyes. Warlord now targets the back of Tugboat then lands some shots in the corner. Tugboat fights back and hits a clothesline but Warlord drops him and stays on the attack. Slick barks out orders to Warlord as this crowd is bored out of their minds watching this drek. Tugboat hits a clothesline but misses an elbow drop and ends up getting picked up for a slam. Warlord flexes but Tugboat reverses an Irish whip and follows with an avalanche. Tugboat paces around then tries for the splash but Slick jumps on his back for the DQ (7:55) -**.

Thoughts: Good lord this was fucking terrible. Both guys were slow and clumsy and as a result the crowd was completely disengaged. And this also showed why the Tugboat push failed as not only did the character suck but he just couldnt perform in the ring. Even still, he was teaming with Hogan on house shows against Bravo & Earthquake so they could not pin him here and they needed to keep Warlord strong for his first feud. If not for the Iron Mike Sharpe vs. SD Jones disaster from the October MSG show this would have been the worst WWF match of 1990.


More old clips, this time of Heenan on the set of a Western.


Mr. Perfect defeating Texas Tornado for the Intercontinental Title from the 12/15 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling” is shown.


In the studio, Heenan smiles and says he is sorry that Mr. Perfect is now the Intercontinental Champion due to DiBiase’s interference.


More footage of Heenan on the set of the Western as he gets put through a window. That whole bit was really fantastic.


Big Bossman defeats Mike Durham from the 12/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


Lord Alfred comes on set as a guest. He talks up Gorilla and gives him a plaque as Heenan threatens to hit Lord Alfred from behind with a guitar given to him by the Honky Tonk Man.


Clips of Heenan back on the Western are shown as he falls off of the roof.


Rick Martel defeats Tito Santana from “The Main Event.”


The Bushwhackers are shown with the Gobbledy Gooker trying to get him over.


Kane the Undertaker defeats Mario Mancini from the 12/15 edition of “Superstars of Wrestling.”


Another retro clip where Gorilla smushed Heenan’s face into a cake.


Show ends with Gorilla blaming Heenan for ruining the show. Some random guy wearing a Mets jacket strolls in eating a sandwich and drinking something out of a can stating someone from the gym told him about this party. Heenan then chases him down and tries to sell him the guitar.


Final Thoughts: The retro clips of Heenan and Monsoon were amusing since they were the glue that held the show together but the exclusive matches shown were awful. It really proved how the Heenan/Monsoon pairing are what kept this show popular because it certainly wasn’t the action.


Here is my tentative schedule for the next several days:


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