Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

….and we’re officially to the Road to Wrestlemania!

You know I’m going to say that was a decent little Network Special last night. Both of the Rumbles were good enough and that was over half the show so even if the undercard was not very good they’re usually just window dressing for the Rumbles.

So with that being said tonight starts the slow climbs to Wrestlemania 34 in New Orleans. We need to find a challenger for Brock Lensar and I’m assuming it will be determined at Elimination Chamber so we need some qualifying matches, three of which will happen tonight (Matt Hardy vs. Elias; Cena vs. Balor; Strowman vs. Kane). Roman Reigns is apparently getting his IC-title rematch to presumably close the book on the program with the Miz so he can move on. There will also be some fallout from the women’s Rumble and maybe we’ll get a promo of some sort from Ronda Rousey but if her ESPN interview was any indication, she’s got a way to go with the promos. And Jonathan Coachman returns and will be part of the broadcast team.

If you were wondering how long each interval lasted in the men’s Rumble, look no further than Cageside Seats who had the breakdown. If you felt like a few intervals last close to three minutes…you’re right!

If you don’t want to talk about wrestling you can ask how Blake Griffin didn’t add a no-trade clause in his new contract because I’m sure he didn’t sign a big deal to end up playing for the Detroit Pistons.

Six NBA games tonight, NHL is finishing up their All-Star break. New episodes of The Bachelor, The Resident, The Wall, The Supergirl, The Kevin Can’t Wait and The Man vs. Food among others.

Keep it clean!