Can’t Miss Rumble Spot

Hey Scott, 

Was thinking about the Rumble as a means to getting guys over, and it occurred to me there's a spot I don't think they've ever done. We all know and love the deadwood clearing spot where a monster comes in and destroys a bunch of geeks, but how huge would it be for whoever they're trying to build if they did that exact same spot, but with actual contenders. Imagine Cena, Orton, Rollins, and Braun or whoever else is a big deal but doesn't need a Rumble win are in, buzzer goes down, whoever they're trying to get over (except Roman, who'd get murdered for this) comes out and just plows through the main eventers, maybe even countering a few of their signature spots in the process, eventually clearing the ring? Doesn't hurt any of those guys, really (they're too big for a Rumble elimination to hurt them), makes the guys they're trying to make into the next big thing… well, the next big thing. 

Thoughts? Any chance they ever use this, or would egos get in the way? 

​Honestly, it'd be a bit counterproductive.  Yeah, you make one guy look better, but you're kind of hurting guys who could draw money against him.  Maybe one or two if you're setting up feuds, but more than that is excessive.  There's a reason why you have lower tier guys for those kinds of roles.​