what’s their finish?

Hi Scott –


I’m catching up on Bruce Prichard’s podcast, and I’m up to the episode discussing the New Age Outlaws…and that got me thinking.


Can you think of a higher profile performer/team that didn’t really have a distinguishing finishing move? Almost EVERYBODY had their murderdeathkill move that signified the end of the match…except the Outlaws. They used the pumphandle slam
and the Fame-Asser…but nothing really as a team.


Maybe Roddy Piper? I guess he used a sleeper more often than not, but I remember him winning with pretty much any move – including a back suplex, a powerslam and the ol’ thumb to the eye/schoolboy.


​Yeah, I'd probably say Roddy Piper, although later in his career he became associated with the sleeper.  But during his heyday against Hogan & Snuka, it was basically thumb to the eye/rollup with tights or whatever worked.  The Outlaws most often used a belt to the head, I'd say.  Maybe you could add the Midnight Express, who had a variety of clever finishers but not one definitive ending?  Or Tully & Arn, who only added the spike piledriver once they got into the WWF?​