Lameness of the WWE Writers


I was reading Bayless's latest Superstar recap and was amazed to see seven whole weeks before the Royal Rumble they had already announced twenty of the participants.

Here it is and three damn days before this year's rumble they can't even bother to announce half of the participants when we damn well know these "surprise" entrants will be likely be lame.

Between that, once again no cool Rumble video again and rumors that part of the reason the anniversary show sucked because they had to book on the fly after Jimmy Fallon didn't play a larger part, I was thinking how much blame should we put on Vince and his legions of writers for the current crappy product?

I swear I could build better momentum for the Rumble while hepped up on goofballs

​Yeah, it's REALLY lame this year and getting lamer.  The Rumble match is pretty much flip a coin between Nakamura and Reigns with no other serious contenders.  They've now publicly said that Ronda Rousey won't be at the Rumble, isn't signed, and isn't even in the country, so unless they're going for a giant swerve where they hope to make money by not advertising her in advance, it's clearly Asuka winning that one.  And then watch them come up with their big plan to get to Roman v. Brock, where Roman has to win a fatal four-way with top contenders like Miz and Finn Balor and maybe the dangerous Curt Hawkins to get the shot.  ​
​But don't worry, Vince isn't going to be distracted by XFL preparations.  No sir.​