Unforgiven 2006

Scott you cruel bastard……….I have been curious to see what you would think of Unforgiven for years now.

We were so close to you reviewing it………..please tell me you are planning on doing it still???

​Yeah, of course, I think it's actually my last one from 2006.  Maybe Armageddon, too, I dunno.  I just figured Rumble 2001 was a bit more topical and I wanted to see if the Rumble match itself held up any better than I remembered.  Doesn't really matter, apparently I'll get yelled at CAPSLOCKMAN for not doing Observer Flashbacks every day regardless.  I'm only one man, not a baby-making machine like Brian who can suddenly have a family and still watch hours of shitty syndicated shows in addition!  
Anyway, next Wednesday is my scheduled day for Unforgiven 2006.​