The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–10.31.81

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 10.31.81

Jumping ahead another couple of weeks for some reason. This one has an “Original Production Difficulties” disclaimer at the beginning, too.

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett

Buddy Landel v. Charlie Fulton

We’re joined immediately in the action with a DARK-HAIRED Budro. Now that’s a weird sight. Fulton fights for a top wristlock, but Buddy, who is barely out of his rookie year and a dead ringer for David Sammartino here, takes Fulton down with a wristlock of his own. Fulton comes back with a backbreaker for two and a slam for two before going to a chinlock and slamming him out of the corner for two. Buddy makes the babyface comeback with a dropkick, but Fulton cuts him off with another chinlock. Buddy fights out, hits a suplex, and gets the pin at 7:11. Just a couple of fellas doing some rasslin. 0 for 1.

Jake Roberts is disgusted with the malfeasance and discrepancy displayed by the Andersons last week, when they retained the tag titles by switching out Gene Anderson under a mask. Wahoo McDaniel tells him to calm the fuck down, because they’ll team up and he’ll allow Jake to get his revenge and win the belts. So we go back to last week, as Jake and Paul Jones take on Ole and the Super Destroyer.

Ole Anderson & Super Destroyer v. Jake Roberts & Paul Jones

Jones gets caught in the heel corner, but manages to fight his way over and bring in Jake. He takes Super D down with a headlock, but the heels quickly turn the tide and double-team him. Ole goes to work on the arm and Super D goes to a bearhug, and then Ole cuts off a comeback and holds Jake down with a neck vice. Destroyer goes to a hammerlock, but Jake escapes and hits the kneelift, only for Ole to cut off the ring with a slam. Jake dives for the hot tag to Paul Jones and it’s a DONNYBROOK. Ole is left alone when Super Destroyer runs away, but he mysteriously reappears with different tights, loads up the mask, and pins Jones with a headbutt at 5:37 shown. Now, I’m not super clear on what the situation with the tag titles was, exactly, since the title history says that the Anderson were champs between May and December. Really good basic tag match. 1 for 2.

Handsome Jimmy Valiant v. Ricky Harris

Valiant tosses him and seems to be twerking back in 1981. The man was truly a visionary! Harris fights back in the ring and Valiant ignores it all and puts him away with the elbow/elbow combo at 1:28. 1 for 3.

The Ninja (who was the guy we saw as “Kabuki” last time, aka the future Mr. Pogo) introduces his new manager, Mr. Holiday. No idea who that guy is.

The Ninja v. Mike Davis

Did they get sued by the real Kabuki or something? He decides to work the match with what appears to be a babushka on his head. That seems to undermine the mysterious image somewhat. Also of note, he has tights that say “Pogo” on one leg, and “Kabuki” on the other, but he’s apparently “Ninja”. EPIC FAIL. Ninja puts Davis down with some kicks and finishes him with a diving headbutt at 2:30. Not the finest moment for the Orient. 1 for 4.

Ricky Steamboat, who is now Mid-Atlantic champion, is impressed with Ninja’s chops, but thinks he’s wearing a bad Halloween costume. Leroy Brown thinks that Sgt. Slaughter’s real name is Gomer Pyle. Sick burn, bro.

TV title: Outlaw Ron Bass v. Chris Markoff

Much like pretty much every other Russian in the sport, Markoff is from Minnesota. Markoff, who looks like George Steele but with hair on his head, clubbers on Bass to take over and drops knees. To emphasize how Russian he truly is, Markoff wrestles with a red skullcap that says “USSR” on it. Bass makes the comeback and goes after the interfering Lord Alfred Hayes, drawing a DQ at 3:27. Markoff was hilariously terrible. 1 for 5.

Sgt. Slaughter v. Don Kernodle

This relationship would of course drastically change in later years. And at this point, the technical difficulties take place, as the tape suddenly switches over to another channel for half a second before going back to the source material. Man, if this was taped on someone’s VCR, they did a HELL of a job restoring it. Slaughter overpowers Kernodle and works the arm, but Don reverses to his own armbars until Slaughter slams him a bunch of times. Kernodle tries to make a comeback, but misses a charge and walks into the Slaughter Cannon and COBRA CLUTCH at 3:20. Meanwhile, at ringside, Jim Nelson has appeared at ringside in camo gear, apparently ready to fight for the honor of America beside the Sarge. Have I mentioned how amazing Slaughter is? 2 for 6.

Sgt Slaughter closes the show, letting us know that everyone has been asking him how to become a Marine, and now he’s going to turn Jim Nelson into a trainee, immediately torturing him with pushups before promising to turn him into a man. And people think this man wasn’t a real drill sergeant?

Next time: We jump forward another couple of weeks.