Tokyo Dome on January 4, 1992

Hi Scott,

I think you had mentioned not knowing the rights with the early WCW/NJPW Tokyo Dome, but the 1/4/92 is up on NJPW World:

Unlike WWE Network their search is pretty solid even with the language gap so you can find a lot of other WCW endorsed matches with 90’s guys rocking their WCW gimmicks.

That link you sent is just for Luger v. Chono, or as the translated description calls it,

"Super Warrior IN Fighting Dreaming 1994 January 4 Tokyo Dome 11th WCW World Heavyweight Championship game Rex Ruger vs Masahiro Butohno"

​Ah, Rex Ruger.  ​Anyway, I wish they'd put the full shows up there as one deal.  I actually find the WWE Network much more intuitive when I'm looking for stuff.  I do wish that NJPW would just hire some English website guys and make a full version of the site for us North American clods, since that's a huge chunk of their business now.