Rumble Question

Hey Scott, hope you are well. I was reading article for Raw 25 and noticed MVP is appearing. Do you see him in the Rumble? Who do you see as some surprise entrants? I have some below. What do you think?

1. EC3 
2. James Storm
3. Lashley
4. Tama Tonga/Fale, I believe contracts are up.

​EC3 is basically confirmed for the match, as his contract with TNA is done and he pulled out of indy bookings on the night of the Rumble.  Storm has recently done interviews where he wants to come back, but he didn't make it to the main roster the first time and I don't see him doing so this time.  Lashley, yeah, probably.  Big muscles heal all wounds with Vince.  Frankly I'm shocked that they haven't been calling Cage for the past two years as well.  As for the Bullet crew, they've asked them in the past and both turned them down for New Japan.  Fale is a definite no according to Meltzer because he's got too much going on in New Zealand with his own shows, but Tonga's a big dude and he's not getting younger, so now would probably be the time if it's going to happen.  
I don't know if it's just me, but I don't feel any particular excitement from the fanbase over this Rumble at this point.  The title matches are both DOA and there's not a lot of viable winners of the Rumble match itself.  Could be just me, though.​