All 30 Royal Rumbles, Ranked from Worst to Best

Hey Scott,

I'm enjoying rereading your Rumble reviews and was wondering if you could put up a plug for an article I did, "All 30 Royal Rumbles, Ranked from Worst to Best." It was a lot of fun rewatching all the Rumbles (a project which I devoted more time to than just about anything I actually get paid for).

I know you just mentioned you were in a bad mood when you reviewed '07 and I think you should give it another shot…I've got that Rumble as the #6 best on my list. Granted, most of that is because of the epic Undertaker/Michaels finale, but still…

What's your vote on the most underrated Rumble? I know you love the 2010 edition.

Thanks as always, long live the Blog!

​Yeah, the CM Punk stuff in 2010 was fantastic and I thought it was probably the last one where they got the timing exactly right and hit the right pacing for clearing out deadwood and bringing in big stars and such.  ​Plus the Shawn Michaels run was heartbreaking (pardon the pun), where people were hoping so hard for one last run from him and then had it yanked away.  Plus the big surprise at the end of Mountain Man Edge winning, even though the Wrestlemania payoff ended up being supremely disappointing.