WCW jumpers

Hey Scott

The question about Jericho got me thinking back to the demise of WCW.  The reasons for it going down have been debated ad nauseum and i'm firmly in the camp that the various corporate mergers would of killed it eventually
no matter what the rating were doing but one viewpoint the WWE has consistently used over the years was the WCW lack of elvating new stars  and how this led to many of them jumped to the WWE for greater things and leaving WCW to flounder.

Do you actually think anyone that jumped from WCW to the WWF, if pushed and used correctly (a big if) whilst in WCW could of helped, if nothing else, halt the demise? Ive been entertained by the likes of Jericho, Show,
Eddie and Benoit at various points in their careers and im sure they would of made 1999/2000 WCW more watchable if the had all stayed  but its fair to say none of them ever came close to the Stone Cold, Rock or Hogan level and probably had no higher ceiling
than Booker or Steiner who WCW eventually had to push out of necessity so whilst some upward movement of talent would of made the show more entertaining i dont think any of them were going to pull in peak NWO ratings and wouldnt of made much difference to
the fate of the company or am I wrong?

​You're not wrong.  The big problems for WCW were so big by that point that "making new stars" was a drop in the bucket.  Plus they made one of the biggest stars in the history of wrestling, in the form of Goldberg, and still managed to fuck that up and kill the company anyway. ​