Question about WWF TV in Canada in the 80’s and 90’s


In Canada in the 80’s and 90’s did you get any (or all) of these shows?

WWF Challenge (was this re-branded as something else there? I see a show on YouTube called WWF Cavalcade but I’m not sure if that was Challenge matches or what…)
WWF Prime Time Wrestling
WWF Mania
WWF Action Zone

I know you got WWF Superstars rebranded as Maple Leaf Wrestling with new host(s)  and commentary but the same matches.

Basically, what were your WWF TV options between say.. 1987 and 1995 in terms of what was available to you either over the air or on cable/satellite?

Just wondering. Thanks!

Well, the period you're referring to is when I was mostly living in the Vancouver area, which meant that I would just watch the wrestling block on KCPQ 13 out of Washington.  So unless it was some extraordinary circumstances, I was normally watching the US version of Superstars anyway.  Challenge was indeed rebranded to Cavalcade on Canadian stations in syndication, though.  
Prime Time was never available in Canada, nor was Action Zone.  However, I got a grey market C-band dish in 94 that allowed me to subscribe to USA Network, so I just watched US versions of those.  So I can't really speak to Canadian availability after that, since I didn't have Canadian TV again until mid-96.