Betting favorite

Hope all is well north of the border Scott. I remember reading I think the day of last year's show that Orton was the Rumble favorite and low and behold he ends up winning. Since then I go out of my way not to read the odds the day of a ppv since the favorites almost always win. So my question how does this get leaked? is one of Vince's top guys leaking the ppv plans?

​Usually what happens is the bookmakers make best guesses as to finishes and odds, and then closer to the show, someone from within WWE who knows the actual finishes puts large amounts of money on the people booked to win, at which point the bookies have to swing the odds wildly to keep from losing their shirts.  That's why you see those giant movements just before the PPV.  I think it's a far better idea to handicap what Dave's star ratings are going to be, since that's not predetermined.  ​