Wrestlemania Main Event For SD Live

Scott I'm still not entirely sold on Styles going into Mania as champ. I still get a sneaky feeling they'll get the title on Owens sometime before Mania(possibly in that Fastlane main) and blow off Shane/Owens for the title in like a Street Fight with Daniel Bryan as special guest ref (probably ban Zayn from ringside) which is where they'll pull the trigger on the heel turn. Then probably do Orton/Nakamura/Styles or just Nakamura/Styles with no title.

​Hey man, it's their belt.  I just want to see Nakamura/Styles at Wrestlemania, regardless of who the champion is.  If they feel like Shane and Bryan bickering over the GM job is important enough to focus the WWE title on it, more power to them.​