Promotions Question

Hey Scott  this may sound like a dumb question, but hope you can answer. I am a WWF/E guy. Grew up in the Northeast and WWE was the main programming on general TV. It was not until 1989 I started following WCW, a great time to start. I know there is always a talk of the big three, WCW/NWA, AWA, and WWE. My question is, why are promotions such as Mid Atlantic,  Mid South, UWF, World Class, GCW, etc overlooked in terms of title lineage? For example, Wresting companies will mention the big three championship lineage, title reigns, but will never discuss other reigns from the regional promotions. 

The promtions themselves seem to have drawn ok in their times. I have watched some World Class for example and it looks like they drew decent attendance and had a good following. With the network, internet, and writers like yourself writing on the promotions, wouldnt it make sense for WWE to reference reigns in Regional Promotions for a guy like Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, etc?  

​Sometimes they do, but mostly the answer is that regional titles were just that: Regional.  When World Class split from the NWA and created a "World" championship, the joke in the Observer is that it was the World title of two cities, Dallas and Fort Worth.  WWE, AWA and Crockett all legitimately had their main titles defended around the world, but someone like Memphis's main champion, Jerry Lawler, never left Tennessee for the most part.  ​If World Class ever successfully toured outside of Texas, people would have been happy to grant it true World title status, but they never did.