Old NJPW Reviews

Hey Scott,

Long time fan (way back in the Wrestleline days). With your recent review of Wrestle Kingdom, I was wondering if you were going to be doing more reviews on NJPW. Especially older content like the NJPW/WCW supershows from the early 90s.

I'm not super educated on certain eras of NJPW and I'm curious what I should watch from the 98-2010 NJPW era since online I can't find much about star ratings from that time.

Just wondering if you had any interest in this or is it all about the awesome recent Mid Atlantic content on the WWE Network.

Mid-Atlantic is certainly much easier to review.

i'm not 100% sure what's available on NJPW World in terms of the Supershows, because the broadcast rights are a bit of a boondoggle due to contract issues with WCW and such.  I have no specific objections to reviewing them, but they're not really my strong suit and I prefer the newer era shows because they have English commentary and the style is more to my liking.  The 91 Supershow seems to be available as individual matches, and may I just say the English translation provided by Google is HILARIOUS.  Sample:

That whole early-2000s era for New Japan was…not the best.  Inoki had this whole thing in his head where he was going to make people like Ogawa into SUPER SHOOTERS and it didn't work out very well, and you had MMA guys drifting into the promotion and stinking up the main events because Inoki wanted to be Pride instead of wrestling.  Basically Tanahashi coming in and Inoki leaving saved the promotion.