Vince’s rise

Like everybody else I have been watching the dog shit out of all the Mid Atlantic and in the spring of 82 they had some phantom NWA tag title tourney with guys from Florida, St. Louis, WWF, Japan, etc. They actually had clips of some of the teams competing and Vince called a couple matches.  Short story long here, when did Vince begin to make his push timeline wise? Also what was the hierarchy layout of promotions, who were they key players  and bookers   from 81 to 83/84 ish when Vince started going national?

​Hoo boy, that's a complex question.  Vince Jr. didn't really start seriously pushing until 84 when he had Hogan.  Before that, Vince Sr. was still the guy in charge and was completely committed to playing nicely with the NWA, which is why you saw stuff like Vince Jr. calling matches on NWA-affiliated programs.  
I'd highly, HIGHLY recommend reading Tim Hornbaker's pair of books on the rise and fall of the NWA and history of the WWWF, because they go into insane amounts of detail that I couldn't possibly cover here:

The NWA one in particular is fascinating and makes you realize what a bunch of self-serving slimeballs all the promoters really were.