Hey, Yo

I was watching some awesome Mid Atlantic Wrestling today and snickered at Bob Caudle's amazement over Kernodle kicking out of the Grappler's suplex. It got me to thinking about how a retro jobber-type character would do in today's WWE. He could use 80's weardown holds and use different finishers each week, such as Beefcake's high knee one week then Tully's slingshot suplex the next and then make an arrogant cover and be shocked each week when someone easily kicked out. Of course, the fans would hate him at the beginning then, eventually, they would start to cheer for him to win just one match. Thoughts?

​First up, do not disrespect the slingshot suplex.  IT'S STILL REAL TO ME.
Second, yeah, that'd be kind of a funny gimmick for Curt Hawkins.  Like, he'll go all over social media pumping up his new finisher that he learned from watching all the Mid-Atlantic shows (available now on the WWE Network, only 9.99 a month!) and how it's unbeatable and will end his winning streak, and then it turns out to be a bodyslam or something.  ​And then next week he finds another one, lather rinse repeat.