Mid-South Wrestling: April 28th, 1983

April 28, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

Watts introduces us to a video package of fans packing into Louisiana Superdome. This was apparently put together by one of Gordon Solie’s sons.


We are shown footage of Ted DiBiase & Mr. Olympia defending the Mid-South Tag Team Titles against Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr at the Superdome. Watts narrates the action as the champs retained when DiBiase loaded his glove and knocked out Conway, allowing Olympia to put on the sleeper for the win.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan is now telling us how he is disappointed in his friend, Ted DiBiase. Duggan is upset over DiBiase lying to him about his involvement with Skandor Akbar. Duggan said they pulled out of tough times together but since DiBiase went with Akbar they can go their different ways. Duggan then calls out Akbar and said he knows how he gets his money and will not fall for his crap as he removes his shades and bandana as he talks about being proud to be an American. Duggan promises to take out his anger on Akbar. Man, this was one hell of a babyface promo from Duggan. You can tell he was turning face but this was awesome and for those who have not seen Duggan in Mid-South and only know him from the WWF, do yourself a favor and check out this promo right here.


We now see clips from the Junkyard Dog vs. Mr. Olympia cage match for the North American Heavyweight Title. The cage was a surprise stipulation as Watts notes this is the first time in wrestling it has taken place. Skandor Akbar pulled out the camera power cord so they could not capture Kendo Nagasaki running in on film. Olympia thinks he had won due to the sleeper but his shoulders were down and JYD becomes the champion and winner of the $10,000 prize. Watts says that this feud is not over.


Akbar and Olympia talk about getting screwed out of the North American Title. They are pissed off over not being told about the cage and vow revenge, no matter what it takes. Great promo here from Akbar to be honest as he was rightfully angry over still not having the North American Title in his possession and states his lawyers are talking to Mid-South as we speak.


Watts tells us that King Kong Bundy will show us a new “tactic” before cutting to a pre-recorded interview with Bundy himself. Bundy says he will unveil the “Atlantic City Avalanche” and will promoters see it they’ll realize he cannot be held back anymore and runs down the top babyfaces including Andre the Giant. Its clear they are setting Bundy up for a feud against Andre down the line.


King Kong Bundy vs. Don Clark

Bundy tosses Clark around to start. He chops him hard in the corner and beats them down then puts him away with powerslam after a five count as that is apparently the Atlantic City Avalanche as Watts notes its similar to the Oklahoma Stampede (1:43).

Thoughts: Another dominating win for Bundy as they continue to build him up for better things. I will say that the surprise was disappointing since it was a move we’ve seen before just under a different name.


Kendo Nagasaki w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Ken Woodby

Nagasaki hammers away as Watts continues to talk about Bundy’s avalanche looking just like his Oklahoma Stampede. Nagasaki stays in control but all of a sudden Duggan runs in and beats down Nagasaki. Duggan knocks him through the ropes as Nagasaki is hanging by his leg then he pummels Akbar as the crowd is going nuts. Akbar’s clothes are all ripped then Duggan tosses him outside. Duggan leaves and tosses a chair into the ring as Watts tells us he is his own man with the match ruled a no-contest.

Thoughts: And the Duggan face turn is complete. This segment was a tremendous success and drew one of the loudest reactions I’ve seen from this TV crowd, which are not the liveliest bunch I’ve seen. Just awesome and the shit-kicking Akbar received was brutal. Check out the beatdown here


Ron Cheatham vs. Junkyard Dog

JYD debuts his new “Atomic Dog” theme music. Cheatham looks similar to Kenny Powers. Watts tells us that JYD represents the people as the crowd is going nuts. JYD takes control to start and quickly puts Cheatham away with a powerslam (1:34).

Thoughts: An easy win for JYD to let the crowd know he is once again the North American Heavyweight Champion.


Mr. Olympia w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Art Crews

Olympia takes his anger out on Crews to start. He then works the arm as Watts talks about DiBiase and Duggan. Olympia grounds Crews with a front facelock as Watts respects Duggan for coming out and fighting people. The crowd gives Olympia shit as Watts says next week’s main event is Mr. Wrestling II vs. King Kong Bundy. Olympia is still beating on Crews, who has yet to muster any offense. Olympia yells at the ref and that allows Crews to land some punches but he gets cut off with a dropkick then Olympia hits a piledriver and puts on the sleeper for the win (4:35).

Thoughts: A long, dominating squash match win for Olympia as Watts was talking about the relationship between DiBiase and Duggan.


Akbar, still in his tattered clothes, comes out and yells about Duggan attacking him from behind. He wants Duggan to pay but said that Kamala has an important commitment in Texas and is not available. Akbar then waves DiBiase over and says he wants Duggan eliminated because no one humiliates him. Akbar said he will put out the necessary money as DiBiase said although they might be apart, he was a former Rat Pack member and will not fight him as long as he stays out of his way. Akbar then says he will get Nagasaki to go after Duggan. They all leave as Watts hypes next week’s show. We now have another big match for next week and they created more drama between Duggan and DiBiase with the latter refusing to fight his former friend unless he has an actual reason.


Final Thoughts: What a tremendous hour of wrestling. The Duggan face turn went over huge as the company is positioning him up the top of the card as a babyface with a feud against Abkar’s Army. The clips of the Superdome show were fun to see and the promotion has planted the seeds for other feuds too. Really a blast to watch.