Rumble 92 ending?

Just rewatched Rumble 92 with my son as we're going to Philly for this year's show. The ending though is so strange. Obviously they wanted to build towards heel Sid vs. face Hogan for Mania. But Sid cleanly (albeit cheaply) eliminates Hogan and Hulk does as big a heel move as ever by grabbing Sid to let Flair win.
Why didn't they have it reverse where Hogan knocked Sid out and Sid snapped and helps Flair eliminate Hogan. On a purely logical level Hogan comes off as a whiny complainer heel and the crowd is right to cheer Sid who was cheated out of a title win

Still, it's the best Rumble though

​Hot take, bro.  But yes, they arrogantly assumed at that point that Hulk could still do no wrong in the eyes of the fanbase, and did THAT ever come back to bite them.  ​