Most Influential 90s

Hey Scott, excluding ECW, what do you think is the most influential Indy of the 90s? I am going with GWF. The Federation had talent during its run, Ebony Experience, Lightning Kid, Jerry Lynn, Cactus Jack, Gordy, Patriot, JBL. They also were the first Fed I could recollect referencing other promotions regarding title runs and they did showcase lightweights. First sick bump I ever seen Cactus take was a powerbomb from Gordy on the concrete. 

​That's a very specific criteria.  "Most influential non-WWF, non-WCW promotion of the 90s, excluding ECW."  I would also heartily disagree with your detective work there, since GWF was just the bastard offspring remains of USWA's Dallas office anyway as far as presentation and talent base.  If you're playing that game, then the answer is World Class or Memphis​.  In fact, Memphis in general is about a hundred times more influential of stuff we're still seeing recycled to this very day than anything that ever happened in Global.