UFC 220

Howdy Scott. I know the upcoming UFC card next Saturday (Jan 20) isn’t one of their golden egg shows, but I think it’s being underrated and features 2 big fights will more than satisfy any fight fans. You have Stipe Miocic going for a record-breaking 3rd successful heavyweight title defense and more than likely delivering the proverbial slobberknocker against Francis Ngannou (who almost removed Allistar Overroid’s head in his last fight), and Daniel Cormier in a redemption fight against the unknown-but-dangerous Volkan Oezdemir following Jon Jones’ 47th career and personal boner. I’m looking forward to the show and was curious if you planned to check it out.


On the topic, does Conor fight again? If so, when and against who?

​Dana White is proceeding on the assumption that Conor will never fight again, so I wouldn't hold your breath.  Dude has $100 million in the bank, he's good for a LONG time to come.
Stipe is great, but Ngannou is the most terrifying force of nature since Brock Lesnar and unless Miocic's got some new counter for getting his fucking head knocked off, we're gonna have a new champion. Unless someone can prevent Ngannou from winning every fight in the first minute, it's unwise to bet against him.
As for Cormier, I dunno…I don't think his heart is in it anymore after the loss to Jones.  That one really seemed to beat him down, and even though he "won" the fight on a technicality after the fact, I think Volkan is gonna be too much for someone half-assing it.  
I'll probably check it out.  I missed the initial airing of the Ngannou knockout and regretted it.  I feel like he's somehow got one that's even more spectacular in him.​