The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling–09.19.81

The SmarK Rant for Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling – 09.19.81

Oh man is this show fun!

Taped from Charlotte, NC

Your hosts are Bob Caudle & David Crockett

People are DEMANDING to see Roddy Piper and Wahoo McDaniel, via cards and letters, so the promoters have caved into public demand and they’re now unbanned from the show despite the horrific attack perpetrated by Abdullah the Butcher last week. DEMOCRACY WORKS!

Ron Bass joins us to start and he wants to clean up the territory. And steal all of Bill Watts’ mannerisms and maybe move into his house, but that’s more of an unspoken wish. All I can say is: Do NOT buy the territory off him. Won’t work out well.

Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood v. Mike Miller & Ricky Harris

Youngblood works a headlock on both jobbers and throws chops on Miller, and Steamboat comes in with a chinlock. I should note, by the way, that although Harris went onto the most fame of this particular jobber team, “Mean” Mike Miller went on to have a long and successful career in Portland for years afterwards. Harris comes in and drops an elbow on Steamboat for two and clubbers him in the corner, but Steamboat comes back with a chop that sends Harris flying with a cartoonish flat back bump. Over to Youngblood for a Tomahawk chop, and a double chop from the babyfaces gets two. Youngblood goes back to a headlock on Harris, and then Miller comes in and gets chopped to death. Over to Steamboat, with yet another chop, and the flying bodypress finishes at 5:51. I feel like Steamboat & Youngblood might have a future as a team. Just a hunch. 1 for 1. Harris was doing such a great job as a jobber that it was inevitable someone would repackage him soon.

Sgt. Slaughter v. Ron Richie

Oddly, once Richie moved to Calgary, he acquired a “t” in his last name. Slaughter takes him down and toys with him on the mat, then puts him down with a series of throws and actually throws a sort of dropkick. Slaughter throws a couple of stiff knees to the gut on the ropes, and then the gutbuster finishes at 2:52. Heel Slaughter was pretty badass! 2 for 2.

Jake “The Snake” Roberts v. Jim Nelson

The announcers joke about Nelson’s new crewcut and how he should be a marine like Slaughter. Well, in fact, that’s exactly what happened. Jake controls on the mat, but Nelson grabs a headlock and grinds on it. Serious question: How the hell did Nelson’s head get so big when he turned Russian? Optical illusion from shaving it bald and growing the big beard as a contrast? Jake works the arm while Ole Anderson joins us at ringside to yell at Jake, allowing Nelson to make a comeback in the corner. Ole and Roddy Piper offer some advice to Nelson and he gets fired up and works the back as a result. That advice? “If you need to take the night off to watch your kid wrestle, make sure to clear it with JJ Dillon first.” Jake is rightly yelling at the referee to get those two out of here, but then takes it out on Nelson with a kneelift, but Jake gets distracted again and Nelson goes for the kill with a backbreaker for two. Nelson drops an elbow on the back for two, but Jake leverages him into the turnbuckles and makes the comeback, then dedicates a beating in the corner to Ole. He wasn’t the first or the last to think of Ole while punching someone in the face, I’m sure. And then, out of nowhere, the DDT and a kneelift finish at 6:20. Was that the debut of the DDT? I’ve heard the story about him accidentally falling backwards while trying a headlock, but that one looked pretty deliberate. Anyway, it looked wicked good. 3 for 3.

Ole Anderson and Roddy Piper are out with disparaging words for Wahoo and Roddy is COKED UP. Over to Slaughter, who immediately wants respect and titles and is unsatisfied with his introduction from Caudle and also hates being cut off. I would not argue with that man. Just saying.

Outlaw Ron Bass v. Charlie Fulton

Fulton was always a quality jobber and even showed up in the WWF in the low card a few times years later. Bass works the leglock on the mat and then switches to the arm for a bit, before getting a neckbreaker for two. More boring stuff and Watts Bass finishes with the powerslam at 6:00. 3 for 4.

Roddy Piper & Ole Anderson v. Paul Jones & Frank Monte

Piper attempts to play the bagpipes in order to annoy the fans, which is pretty much an automatic point. Paul Jones (yes, that Paul Jones) holds off the heels to start and overpowers Piper before hitting a bodypress for two. Over to Ole, but Jones tags in Monte and he’s able to take the heels down and control with leglocks. And then he quickly gets caught in the corner like a goof and double-teamed. He manages to escape and get Jones back in, but Ole just bullies him into a chinlock and takes him into their corner for some punishment. Piper slugs away for two, but Monte gets a hot tag and comes back on Ole. Jones comes in and continues the rally, but Piper wisely takes out Monte on the apron to get rid of him and they double-team Jones until the ref calls for the DQ at 5:21. And the other babyfaces quickly make the save because this is the 80s and SHIT MADE SENSE back then. 4 for 5.

Ron Bass is FIRED UP and he wants a falls count anywhere match against Ole & Piper so they can’t get away with that kind of shenanigans. Rick Steamboat is pretty sure the end is near for those two hoodlums, and we’re out of time for this week!