King Of The Ring 97

I always remembered reading reports that the original plans for KOTR 97 was Hart/Michaels 2 and Austin/Pillman but injuries made them change it to Austin/Michaels. Any truth to that?

​Yup.  They advertised it on TV and everything, with the deal being that it was going to be Bret v. Shawn with the entire Hart Foundation handcuffed at ringside and crazy stips attached such that Bret couldn't possibly win, and then a different person would run in and he would win.  And then Bret and Shawn had their little catfight backstage, after which everyone in the locker room came to Bret with tears in their eyes calling it the best beating they'd seen anyone put on Shawn, and begged him not to work the show so as not to steal the spotlight from everyone else.  Plus Pillman's ankle was all fucked up again, so we got what we got instead of the originally advertised plan.​