Generic Pretty Boy Tag Teams

In your estimation, who was the worst generic pretty boy tag team?  

​Oh man, in the late 80s and early 90s you literally couldn't throw a hand grenade in the wrestling world without blowing up a shitty Rock N Roll Express / Midnight Express ripoff team.  For me there's a special place in hell reserved for all the various attempts to get Marcus Bagwell over in WCW by sticking him with a partner of the week, but he was a really good worker most of the time so it's hard to fault that too much.  WWE had some spectacularly dull ones with guys like Idol Stevens & KC whatshisname or The Heartthrobs, although they were supposed to be heels so I dunno if that counts.  I think the low point was Memphis in the early 90s, where Jerry Jarrett tried again and again to replicate the success of the Fabulous Ones, hitting the low point with New Kids (Brian Christopher​ and Tony Williams), which was leaching off multiple fads at the same time and failed at all of them.