WWE Champions Strategy

I love that you play this game.  I find it fun yet annoying at times.  Who are your strongest superstars?  Are you in a faction?  How do you think the game could improve?  I just recently started to build guys up to 3* gold but it took me a long time and some cash to do it.  The game is authentic though, with ABA Taker at 3* gold he doesn't sell and he finishes opponents after 2 moves.

Your work continues to bring me enjoyment.  Thank you for all that you do!

My #1 guy is Andre, who was given out free at Wrestlemania last year to everyone, and who I have since grinded up to 3 silver stars and max level.  He's just an insane killing machine if there's any red on the board at all.  I recently pulled my first ever mega (on Christmas!) at 3 silver, Mr. Perfect, and he's pretty awesome and also a beast.  And yeah, it takes a LONG time to get up to the three star level in general otherwise.  I have a ton of three star bronze guys now, at least.  
I'm currently in the BulletClubUSA faction, and I'm not really into the whole "Spend money and feud or else!" mindset of the top factions, so it's a fairly chill group of people.  
Scopely is actually taking suggestions for new game modes and ideas at the moment, and the one that seems overwhelmingly the favorite is trading in all of the endless Darren Young and Big Show posters for something else.  I'd heartily agree with that idea.

Anyway, yeah, it's a great game and a giant money-maker for Scopely, but I have to wonder how much WWE gets from it or if it was just a licensing thing one time. Really, you'd think someone from WWE would have come up with a way to monetize the product with microtransactions by now.