Question about Abyss

I was just wondering what you thought about Abyss and why he's never shown up in WWE. Seems like Charismatic Big Hoss would be right up Vince's alley. if he had gone to WWE, what would his ceiling have been?

Inquiring Minions would like to know.

​Abyss was offered a deal I wanna say around 2010-2011, and later did interviews where he said that he turned them down because of various reasons.  ​I think that if NXT had been around when they were interested, he could have jumped then and done very well for himself like Joe and Roode did, but in 2011 he was better off in TNA.  I think that the Joe Park deal would have worked really well in WWE and turned him into a solid comedy figure in the midcard, but they likely wouldn't have gone with it because it's not their idea.  But then I also thought that Broken Matt would work great in WWE and they've managed to completely fuck that up somehow, so what do I know?