US title tournament

This angle of Dolph giving up the US title could actually lead to something cool, on paper.   

Dolph shows up on the night of the tournament final to claim he deserves to be in the match since he never officially lost the title.  It becomes a triple threat, Ziggler then wins the belt again in cheap fashion, stealing a pin or putting his feet on the ropes or something.

Next week, Ziggler AGAIN forfeits the US title, necessitating either another tournament or maybe a battle royale.  Ziggler cheaply wins the title yet again and forfeits it once more, before any of the guys he's screwed over can get a proper one-on-match against him.

You can maybe even repeat this cycle once more (stealing the belt off the hook during a Mania US title ladder match?) before Ziggler's last challenge to regain the title ends with him getting his ass kicked by a face.

What better move for a "showoff" character than to brag that he can win a title whenever he wants, and then lose it "on his own terms" (when he's really just avoiding actual defenses like a coward).  Between the cheap finishes and Dolph's obnoxious forfeit promos, this would actually be an original way of generating heat.

If only this unique story could be used on a fresher performer than the beyond played-out Dolph Ziggler.

​To be honest, I have no idea what the current character for Ziggler is supposed to be, exactly, or what the US title angle is even about.  They've done a really poor job of clarifying any of this stuff.  Like, were we supposed to be happy that he won and now sad that he vacated it?  I thought he was a heel now. Basically I'm just very confused.​