Mid-South Wrestling – April 21st, 1983

April 21, 1983

Your hosts are Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts

This week, we will see King Kong Bundy in action. Also, Mr. Wrestling II vs. Kendo Nagasaki and the midgets will finally appear after weeks of hype.


We see clips from last week’s Tag Team Title change where the surprise team of Mr. Olympia & Ted DiBiase defeated Mr. Wrestling II & Tiger Conway Jr. after Olympia put an object given to him by Skandor Akbar on his boot and hit Conway with a dropkick.


Mr. Olympia w/ Skandor Akbar & Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Jackson

Both men trade arm wringers to start. Jackson takes Olympia down with an arm drag but gets kicked in the face after an Irish whip sequence. Olympia avoids a crossbody and hits a pair of slams as he takes control of the match. Olympia gets a two count off of a backbreaker as Watts talks about Jim Duggan not wanting help outside of the Rat Pack and is not a fan of anti-American talk. Olympia then hits Jackson with a piledriver then puts him away with a sleeper (2:40). Olympia drops an elbow after the match as Watts says he is now a more vicious than ever before.

Thoughts: Good action while it lasted. Jackson was a tremendous talent despite his size but the real story was on commentary with Watts mentioning how Duggan, who we later learn will return next week as he will surely address DiBiase aligning with Akbar.


Tony Zane vs. “Hacksaw” Butch Reed

Reed breaks out of a full nelson with ease as Watts puts over his strength. He stays in control as Watts says Reed came to Mid-South because of the Junkyard Dog as he wants the same recognition and accolades. Reed takes Zane down with a flying shoulder tackle then drops an elbow for a two count before cranking the neck. Reed puts Zane in a chinlock as Watts mentions the newcomers to the promotion. He cuts off Zane’s comeback then hits a dropkick and rams his head into the corner a few times before going back to the neck. Zane rakes the eyes and lands a few punches but Reed fights back and soon after that gets the win with a flying shoulder tackle (4:25).

Thoughts: Reed had a great look and was athletic but this went on for far too long. With Watts mentioning how Reed wants to be like JYD you would assume that the two will be teaming up at some juncture.


Frank LaVert vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

Watts tells us that Conway was very upset in the locker room over what happened last week. I assumed that was a given. Conway uses a front facelock to start then switches to a headlock. He then works the arm and stays in control as LaVert just lacks any sort of coordination. Conway then hits a flying headbutt and puts LaVert away with a poor excuse of a hurricarana (3:29).

Thoughts: LaVert was terrible and without the Tag Titles no one seemed to care about Conway.


Kendo Nagasaki w/ Skandor Akbar vs. Mr. Wrestling II

They slug it out to start. Nagasaki takes control but Mr. Wrestling fights back and applies a front facelock. Nagasaki cheap shots after the break then uses his “Oriental” dance according to Watts. Nagasaki lands some chops but Mr. Wrestling fights back. Nagasaki takes Mr. Wrestling down with a thrust kick for a two count as Akbar now protests the count as he is on the apron. Mr. Wrestling fights back then drags Akbar inside and runs wild. Kamala runs in and Mr. Wrestling knocks him off of the apron. Mr. Wrestling takes on everyone as the crowd goes nuts. Kamala runs in for a splash but Mr. Wrestling rolls out of the way and he hits Nagasaki. Mr. Wrestling cleans house then puts Nagasaki away after a power knee lift (5:08) *1/2. After the match, Tiger Conway runs out and dropkicks Kamala outside as a pissed off Akbar retreats with his men.

Thoughts: The chaotic ending was good but everything before that was slow and plodding. The fans loved Mr. Wrestling II cleaning house and expect Akbar to get revenge in the near future.


Watts is at the desk putting over the toughness of Mr. Wrestling II then talks about how after a month of hype the midgets are here. He puts them over as “powerful little men.”


Ivan The Terrible & Little Tokyo vs. Cowboy Lang & Lone Eagle

Ivan and Lone Eagle start this off as the announcers put over their strength and athleticism. Tokyo runs in as Eagle takes them both down then kips up. Tokyo and Lang are in now and work an Irish whip sequence ending with Lang hitting a dropkick for a one count. Lang works the arm then they do a comedy spot pissing off the ref. Tokyo runs into a punch from Lang then tags out as Ivan hammers away. Eagle tries to run in for help but is ordered to the apron. Tokyo comes in behind the ref’s back and covers for two but Eagle takes and does a dance followed by a few rapid-fire cartwheels. Tokyo tosses him in the corner as Ivan tags and hits a slam. Both men then keep rolling on top of each other and everyone runs in to pile on the referee, who is pissed. Eagle gets worked over then gets slingshotted but turns that into a sunset flip that puts away Ivan in a really ugly spot (5:27) *.

Thoughts: The first couple of minutes were good but once it settled down into the typical midget match antics it suffered. Eagle was really athletic as I have never seen him before. After all the hype from Watts this did not deliver.


King Kong Bundy vs. Randy Barber

Watts talks about the NCAA Heavyweight Wrestling Finals as Bundy destroys Barber. Bundy hits an avalanche then sets up for the splash and makes the ref count to five for the win (1:47).

Thoughts: They are building up Bundy as the next big monster. The fans hate him and the five count gimmick appears to be working.


“Wild” Bill Irwin & Rip Rogers vs. Art Crews & Tim Horner

Crews and Rogers start things off with a criss-cross sequence, ending with Crews hitting a backdrop. Crews uses a rollup for two then tags out. Irwin tags in and Horner grabs a headlock as Watts runs down next week’s card and hopes to see some highlights from the Superdome show. He also talks about Duggan coming back and wanting to be the Brass Knux Champion as Horner gets worked over in the corner. Horner escapes and tags out as Crews nearly puts Rogers away with an atomic drop. Irwin comes back in and uses a chinlock but ducks his head and gets kicked in the face. Horner tags in but Irwin slugs him down then tags out as we run out of time (4:49) *1/2.

Thoughts: Decent enough action but this was just a backdrop for Watts to hype up what we will be seeing over the next few weeks.


Final Thoughts: This show was more about setting things up for the next few weeks. None of the matches were that good though. The big angle was Mr. Wrestling II cleaning house on the Akbar Army and next week we can look forward to seeing what will happen in Duggan’s return.